God of War Ragnarok player beats one of the game’s toughest antagonists while holding a Pringles Can

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    A gamer in God of War Ragnarok fought Thor while holding a Pringles can in one hand. People have been attempting to create ways to play games in abstract ways since Twitch first became popular. Some have played games using Rock Band instruments, a Call of Duty: Warzone player uses a flute, and MissMikkaa, a Twitch streamer, played Elden Ring with a controller and a dance pad. She had to face bosses on two separate versions of the game at the same time, which was difficult enough, but she also had to fight one with only her feet using a dance pad.

    MissMikkaa was challenged by Pringles to play God of War Ragnarok in the toughest setting while holding a Pringles can in one of her hands, implying that she could only play the game with one hand.

    MissMikkaa, on the other hand, handled it like a champ, defeating the first Thor fight while one of her hands was stuck into a Pringles can. She even goes to eat a chip as a quick time event arrives, leading her to run to halt the game so she may finish her chip and counter the attack.

    MissMikkaa doesn’t appear to have returned to finish God of War Ragnarok with the Pringles can, but the fact that she got that far is astounding. This will almost certainly lead to her accepting even more ludicrous challenges in other games in the following months. However, she is still largely focused on Elden Ring for the time being.

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