Samsung Ties Knot With Qualcomm Through A Multi-Year Deal

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    In a recent announcement, we all learned that Samsung ties knot with Qualcomm. And this is huge, especially when we are talking about a multi-year agreement.

    This means that from now onwards the Samsung phones, particularly the high – end phones will be equipped with the powerful Qualcomm chipsets. Its further implications are far going and will change the future of Samsung phones forever.

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    When something is this big, its hard to not to be curious about it, especially when you love Samsung phones. Thus, if you are curious and want to how Samsung ties knot with Qualcomm, then please give this article a read.

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    Samsung Ties Knot With Qualcomm

    For years, Samsung has been using the Snapdragon chipsets proudly in some of its best and highest-quality phones. However, it has its own Exynos 2400, and the Galaxy S24 also comes with an exclusive Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

    Also, the tech giant is planning to use the same chipsets for the foldable smartphones that are scheduled for late 2024. But now, the two companies, Samsung and Qualcomm, have tied the knot in a multi-year deal.

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    According to the deal, the South Korean tech giant will use the Snapdragon chips for future phones. However, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of Exynos chipsets, as Samsung will be adhering to a two-pronged solution.

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    This has been on trend for years now, and its true that enthusiasts will eagerly wait for the best experience. We know this entire scenario, as during the earnings call for 2024, Qualcomm talked about the agreement.

    It talked about the multi-year deal and how Samsung tied the knot with Qualcomm that it signed with Samsung. Because of this deal, the company will now supply Snapdragon chipsets for the future flagships of Galaxy phones. This deal started in the new year 2024.

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    And the first phone to come with amalgamation happened to be the Galaxy S24 series. This indicates that there will be more generations of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z smartphones with Snapdragon chipsets.

    We can say that this scenario where Samsung ties the knot with Qualcomm is a win-win situation for all. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is a brilliant chipset, and no doubt the new Samsung phones will be powerful because of the latest chipsets.

    Moreover, the South Korean tech giant will keep its Exynos in existence and offer something new to every market. And in the middle of all these, Samsung phone users will get to experience the smartest chips.

    In the words of Qualcomm in the earning call 2024, elaborating how Samsung ties knot with Qualcomm

    “We’re also announcing that we extended a multiyear agreement with Samsung relating to Snapdragon platforms for flagship Galaxy smartphone launches starting in 2024. The extended agreement demonstrates the value of Snapdragon 8, our technology leadership, and our successful long-term strategic partnership with Samsung.”

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