Afghanistan Cricket Homecoming: BCCI gives Greenlight to Afghanistan to Return to India for ‘Home’ Matches

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    Afghanistan Cricket Homecoming: In a significant move for international cricket and a testament to the enduring cricketing camaraderie between India and Afghanistan, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has approved Afghanistan to host their “home” matches in India once again. After a hiatus of four years, Afghanistan will play their upcoming series against Bangladesh at the Shahid Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida. This marks a heartwarming return to familiar grounds for the Afghan team, reinstating a crucial chapter in their cricketing journey.

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    Let’s have a look into more details: Afghanistan Cricket Homecoming

    Greater Noida to Host Afghanistan’s Home Matches

    The Greater Noida stadium, which has previously served as a home venue for Afghanistan from 2015 to 2020, will once again be the stage where the Afghan team showcases its talent. This venue holds special significance as it was here that Afghanistan played their first ODI at the ground in 2017 against Ireland.

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    The upcoming series against Bangladesh, scheduled for July-August, will include three One Day Internationals (ODIs) and three Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). This announcement follows fruitful discussions between the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) and the BCCI, solidifying a partnership that has seen Afghanistan adopt various Indian venues as their ‘home’ over the years.

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    Schedule Highlights

    • First ODI: July 25, 2024
    • Second ODI: July 27, 2024
    • Third ODI: July 30, 2024
    • First T20I: August 2, 2024
    • Second T20I: August 4, 2024
    • Third T20I: August 6, 2024
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    India and Afghanistan Cricket Ties

    The relationship between India and Afghanistan in the cricketing arena is built on mutual support and shared goals. Afghanistan has frequently turned to India for hosting their international fixtures, especially since their domestic conditions have been tumultuous. The Shahid Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, along with other venues like Dehradun and Lucknow, has previously provided a platform for Afghanistan to thrive on the international stage.

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    Afghanistan’s Cricketing Journey in India

    • 2015-2020: Utilized Greater Noida as a home venue
    • 2018-2019: Played in Dehradun, notably hosting Ireland for their first-ever Test match
    • 2019-2020: Played at Ekana Stadium, Lucknow

    Afghanistan’s Road to Home

    Afghanistan’s return to India comes after a period of geopolitical challenges and cricketing upheavals. Following the Taliban’s takeover in 2021, the team faced uncertainty about their playing venues and had to relocate their home matches primarily to the United Arab Emirates.

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    Despite these adversities, Afghanistan’s cricket team has continued to shine. Their impressive performance in the T20 World Cup 2024, advancing to the Super 8 stage and pulling off a significant victory against New Zealand, speaks volumes about their resilience and talent.

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    Looking forward, the BCCI has indicated that Afghanistan’s ‘home’ matches might also be hosted at the Green Park Stadium in Kanpur. Known for its rich history and enthusiastic crowds, Green Park could provide another prestigious platform for Afghan cricketers to display their prowess.

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    1. Where will Afghanistan host their upcoming series against Bangladesh?

      The series will be hosted at the Shahid Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida, India

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