BGMI News Update Of January – February 2024

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    As the new month of February is here, we are here with a BGMI news update. This consists of all the latest news related to BGMI in January and February.

    Although the game is old, and once was even banned in the country, now it is expanding its wings again. Hence, the developers are also creatively working on new updates and modes that can excite the players.

    In their attempt, developers are trying their hands on almost all unique things. The recent update included a Samurai Sword. With that, there are updates in the maps and zones too.

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    So, in this article, we will be studying all the BGMI news update that you should know. Let’s dive in without any further delays.

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    BGMI News Update

    It’s just a month passed after the new year of 2024 has begun and Krafton has already set in its pace. It is launching new updates and BGMI promotions which are attracting the players.

    We have seen BGMI 3.0 update, and other updates in which mini – series are being pumped by the developers. Some of them are Double Trouble in Erangel, India ki Heartbeat, Bolti Bandh just to count a few.

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    Another new series has been revealed by the company for the year 2024 named, Boom Baam Masti. Its new trailer has been shared too on the official Battleground Mobile India account. Through the trailer we can catch the upcoming mini – series.

    This series is claimed to feature a plethora of new elements from the game. What makes it worth considering the BGMI news update is that it has brought various famous content creators together.

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    They include Saurabh Ghadge, Vineeth Srinivasan, Harsh Rane, and Sufiyan Junaid. They all have the responsibility to add some humour to the series and make the game more interesting.

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    The trailer also showcases some other points about the new update of the game. Where the four content creators can be seen interacting with each other. They are put in situations that player can normally come across in the battle royale game.

    Also, they can be seen ranting about the match’s frustration, teaching each other some mechanics of the game and transitions. This makes this BGMI news update more exciting and interactive. Also, players love these new additions and updates, which makes it worthwhile to discuss.

    With this, the new BGMI 3.0 update is live and now you can play your favourite game in the Shadow Force theme mode. This is a new gaming mode where you will get new weapons and more new things.

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