Why is Palworld taking gamers by storm in 2024?

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    Palworld, a recently launched game, Palworld has been the talk of the entire player’s community all across the world. And it’s for both good and bad reasons that people are talking about it.

    This game managed to sell almost 8 million units in the first 6 days of its launch. Also, it has cute creatures called pals that attract the attention of the players. However, people are also accusing it of having very much in common with Pokemons.

    Thus, it also has allegations of copyright infringements. In the middle of all this chaos, Palworld is taking gamers by storm. In this article, we will be discussing everything in detail. So, without any further delays, let’s dive in.

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    Palworld: Why It Has Been In Talks

    If you are active in the gamer community, then you must know what’s going on with the newly launched game Palworld. The game was released in January 2024, developed and published by Pocketpair.

    It is a survival game that includes fighting, farming, and building work with mysterious creatures termed Pals. Available in multiplayer mode, it is a survival crafting game with an open-world environment.

    There are many reasons for which it has been in talks soon after its release. Although there are some good reasons and some bad ones too, Let’s first talk about the good reasons why players are liking them.

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    Well, as you can see, the foremost reason players love Palworld is its cute creatures called Pals. They are cute yet powerful, and there is a wide range of Paldeck. You can choose any pal from this deck and use them.

    However, first you have to capture them and tame them, then you can use them whenever and wherever you want. You can even employ them for building work, mining, or making them hold guns and fight.

    It is also the point where some users are pointing out the use of excessive violence and unethical AI use. According to them, the game showcases violence and other unethical AI usage, which is not right. Also, some users are accusing it of copying the Pokemon designs.

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    Although Pals bore a striking resemblance to the Pokemon of the Pokemon. But before its launch, the CEO of Pocketpair stated that they had cleared all legal aspects. So, according to the developers, the similarity can’t be considered an infringement of the copyrights.

    When asked about the issue, the Pokemon spokesperson commented that they are getting inquiries and calls. And they are investigating the matter, and they will only comment further after a thorough investigation.

    However, what’s important here is the fact that even after so many issues, the popularity of the game is increasing. It sold almost 8 million copies in the first 6 days after launch, and that’s a huge record.

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