Apex Legends Rank System: Here’s how it works and what you need to do

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    Apex Legends Rank system has only one ultimate goal, which is of climbing the Rank ladder to become one of the very best players. The Apex Legends Rank system allows players to test their mettle against other players of a similar skill level. One of the most popular battle royale games ever created, Apex Legends combines the genre with hero shooter mechanics to produce a more challenging and quick-paced alternative.

    Apex Legends, of course, has a competitive mode where you can obtain a rank that indicates your skill level, just like any other well-known shooter, but you need to know how it operates. Once a player reaches level 20, they can access the Apex Legends Rank mode, which allows them to compete to advance through ranks based on general skill. It has the typical Trio mode, which enables you to queue alone or with two friends to create a full party.

    Here are all the Apex Legends Rank tiers and the amount of RP needed to reach them:

    • Bronze – 1000 RP
    • Silver – 3000 RP
    • Gold – 5400 RP
    • Platinum – 8200 RP
    • Diamond – 11,400 RP
    • Master – 15,000 RP
    • Apex Predator – top 750 players

    Since each season ends with a soft reset based on your current rank tier, your Apex Legends rank will change as new seasons are released. Additionally, each season has unique rewards connected to various ranks that let you earn more as you advance.

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    Players in the Apex Legends Rank mode acquire RP (Rank points) as they play, which determines their rank. High-place finishes kills, and assists all count towards your RP total, which increases the better you perform. If you perform poorly, your RP may decline, which could result in you being demoted to a lower rank.

    There are a total of seven Rank tiers, as you have seen above, plus a beginner level called Rookie that is only for newcomers to the mode. This tier has no benefits, and once you leave it, you are not able to return.

    To move on to the following tier, you must complete all four divisions in the first five tiers. The lowest division is Division 4, and the highest division is Division 1. The top division, Apex Predator, counts the top 750 players on your particular platform but the bottom two tiers don’t have divisions.

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