2024’s Summer Blockbusters: A Gamer’s Guide to Must-Play Titles

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    It’s summer, and we’re about to get a hot line of video games ready to set your controller on fire.


    There’s a title waiting to take you on an incredible journey, whether you’re looking for epic adventures, heart-pounding action, or brain-bending puzzles. This season, we’re going to take a look at some of the most exciting releases arriving in your console:

    Must play Games in 2024:

    For the Myth Warrior: Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 (May 21st)

    Step back into the psychosis-fueled world of Senua in the highly anticipated sequel, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. The first game, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, garnered critical acclaim for its innovative portrayal of mental illness and stunning visuals.

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    This follow-up promises to delve even deeper into Senua’s fractured psyche as she embarks on a perilous quest through Viking Hell. Brace yourself for a harrowing yet ultimately empowering narrative delivered with Ninja Theory’s signature blend of action and psychological horror.

    For the Samurai Spirit: Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut (May 16th)

    Sucker Punch Productions’ critically acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima finally gallops onto PC this May with the Director’s Cut. This definitive edition offers PC gamers the chance to experience Jin Sakai’s epic struggle against the Mongol invasion of Tsushima Island.

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    Explore a breathtaking open world, master the art of swordsmanship, and forge your own path as the Ghost, a legendary warrior who defies tradition to protect his people. This Director’s Cut boasts additional content, including a new story expansion, so even players who conquered Tsushima on PlayStation can find a reason to return.

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    For the Racing Fanatic: F1 24 (May 31st)

    Gear up for the ultimate motorsport experience with F1 24. As the official video game of the 2024 Formula One World Championship, F1 24 puts you in the driver’s seat of the most prestigious racing cars on the planet. Feel the adrenaline surge as you navigate iconic tracks like Monza and Silverstone, battling wheel-to-wheel against the best drivers on the grid.

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    This year’s iteration boasts several improvements, including a revamped career mode with customizable driver options and a brand new sprint race format authentically reflecting the recent changes in F1.

    For the Mandalorian in All of Us: Star Wars: Hunters (June 4th)

    Prepare to unleash your inner bounty hunter in Star Wars: Hunters, a competitive online battle arena set in the Star Wars universe. Choose from a diverse roster of iconic and original characters, including favorites like Boba Fett and Bossk, alongside brand new faces in the Star Wars lore.

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    Engage in fast-paced, objective-based skirmishes across iconic locations throughout the galaxy. Master unique abilities, customize your character, and rise to the top of the leaderboard in this thrilling Star Wars experience.

    For the Guardians Who Dare: Destiny 2: The Final Shape (June 4th)

    Bungie’s epic space opera reaches its thrilling conclusion with Destiny 2: The Final Shape. The darkness threatens to engulf the solar system, and it’s up to you, as a Guardian, to stand in its way.

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    Wield powerful weapons, unleash devastating abilities, and forge alliances with your fellow Guardians in a desperate attempt to save humanity. Expect an emotional story, epic boss battles, and plenty of loot to chase as you prepare to face the final threat in this saga.

    For the City Planner with a Cause: Frostpunk 2 (July 25th)

    The harsh, unforgiving world of Frostpunk returns in the sequel, Frostpunk 2. This time, society isn’t just struggling to survive the bitter cold; you’ll also struggle with the societal consequences of past decisions. Craft a new society from the ground up, manage resources, and ensure your people’s survival in this unforgiving environment. Make tough choices, face ethical dilemmas, and shape the future of a civilization teetering on the brink of collapse.

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    For the Puzzle Master: World of Goo 2 (August 2nd)

    The gloopy, physics-based puzzle game that captured hearts in the early 2000s finally gets a long-awaited sequel. World of Goo 2 brings back the addictive game play of constructing structures and solving puzzles with adorable, sticky balls of goo.

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    This time, the gooey fellas face new challenges and environments as they navigate a world filled with whimsical physics-based puzzles. Expect a delightful dose of nostalgia with a fresh coat of paint in this charming sequel.

    Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2 (September 26th):

    Prepare for a giant monster-blasting bonanza as Earth Defense Force returns with a sequel. Team up with friends and unleash a barrage of firepower on colossal creatures threatening the planet.

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    Greedfall 2: The Dying World (Release Date Unknown):

    Embark on a new adventure in the sequel to the acclaimed RPG Greedfall. Explore a world on the brink of collapse, make tough choices, and forge your destiny in this open-world adventure.

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    There is a wide variety of games to play this summer, focusing on different interests. There is a game waiting for your attention, whether you’re craving an epic adventure, intense competition or braineasing puzzles. And then get ready for a summer of memorable gaming experiences by firing up your console, grabbing the controller and preparing to play!

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