PUBG: A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane with the Return of Erangel Classic

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    Calling all PUBG fans! Get ready to dust off your parachutes and revisit the battleground where it all began.


    PUBG Corporation is bringing back the original Erangel map, lovingly named Erangel Classic, for a limited-time event!

    This exciting throwback experience will transport you back to the early days of PUBG, offering a chance to relive the game’s iconic roots while still enjoying some modern refinements.

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    A Blast from the Past

    For those new to the scene, PUBG took the gaming world by storm in 2017. Erangel, a sprawling island dotted with military bases, abandoned towns, and rolling hills, served as the very first battleground players dropped into.

    This update rewinds the clock, transforming Erangel back to its original state, complete with a visual overhaul that captures the game’s Early Access aesthetic.

    The sense of nostalgia hits you right from the start. The user interface reverts to its classic form, featuring the familiar match timer, kill/survival UI, and the original world-map and mini-map design. Prepare to be greeted by the old-school font and graphics that defined PUBG’s early days.

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    Back to Basics: Gameplay & Loot

    The Erangel Classic experience isn’t just a visual treat. The developers have meticulously recreated the map layout you know and love, complete with the return of the iconic bench weapons on the starting island. Remember the frantic scramble to secure that perfect weapon as you hot-dropped into your first match? It’s back!

    Another delightful addition is the return of the Tommy Gun as a coveted Care Package drop. This iconic weapon, once a world spawn, will have players scrambling for airdrops once again. Speaking of weapons, gunplay in Erangel Classic has been subtly adjusted to evoke a sense of familiarity.

    While not an exact replica of the old system, many guns boast reduced recoil, bringing back the feel of those early PUBG encounters (except for sniper rifles, handguns, and crossbows, which remain unchanged).

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    One key difference you might notice is the time it takes to knock down enemies. The developers have adjusted health and damage values to recreate the slightly slower pace of combat experienced in PUBG’s early days.

    Celebrating PUBG History

    To further amplify the nostalgic vibes, Krafton has cooperation with famous streamers and influencers who were instrumental in the game’s early success. Shroud, a legendary Twitch streamer and early PUBG master, will be participating in the festivities.

    Don’t Miss Out!

    The Erangel Classic update kicks off on May 14th and runs for two weeks, concluding on May 28th for PC players. Console gamers can join the nostalgic fun a little later, with the event running from May 23rd to June 6th. During this timeframe, the classic Erangel map will completely replace the current Erangel map in Normal Match queues.


    So, whether you’re a seasoned PUBG veteran yearning for a trip down memory lane or a newer player curious to experience the game’s roots, don’t miss out on the Erangel Classic event! It’s the perfect opportunity to relive the early days of PUBG, reconnect with the game’s core game play, and create some new memories along the way.

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