Camila Giorgi Sets The Record Straight: Debunking Rumors, She Confirms Her Retirement

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    Camila Giorgi, the renowned 32-year-old Italian tennis player with four WTA Tour titles to her name, has formally announced her retirement from tennis following her sudden exit from the courts.

    Camila Giorgi Image Credits X
    Camila Giorgi, Image Credits – X

    I am happy to formally announce my retirement from my tennis career,” Giorgi posted on her Instagram account.

    The Italian tennis player expressed her gratitude to her over 741,000 followers on Instagram, saying, “I am grateful for your wonderful love and support for so many years. I appreciate all the beautiful memories.”

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    1. How old is Camila Giorgi?


    Giorgi, who balanced her tennis career with modeling, clarified, “There have been many inaccurate rumors about my future plans, so I hope to provide more information about the interesting opportunities I will have in the future“.


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    Camila Giorgi Faces Investigation by Italian Tax Authorities

    Camila Giorgi, the Italian tennis player, is under investigation by the Italian tax authorities, with a pending trial ahead. According to a report by the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Guardia di Finanza is scrutinizing Giorgi for potential tax discrepancies.

    It’s reported that Giorgi, along with her family, including her father and former coach, Sergio, have relocated from Europe to the United States. Investigators suspect that she may have left Europe amidst the ongoing investigation.

    Camila Giorgi Image Credits
    Camila Giorgi, Image Credits – X

    Scheduled to appear before the investigating judge in Vicenza on July 16, Giorgi awaits further legal proceedings. Additionally, she is due for a preliminary hearing in Italy in July concerning unrelated allegations of forging COVID-19 vaccination documentation, which she refuted in 2023.

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    Camila Giorgi’s Tennis Career Status Sparks Speculation

    Camila Giorgi, the 2018 Wimbledon quarterfinalist and winner of four WTA titles, recently triggered speculation about her tennis career. The Italian athlete, who reached a career-high ranking of 26, raised eyebrows after being listed as retired on the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) website.

    Giorgi, aged 32, last competed at the Miami Open in March and had not publicly mentioned any intentions of retiring from the sport. However, according to the ITIA website, her retirement paperwork was submitted on May 7, adding fuel to the rumors surrounding her future in tennis.

    Giorgi’s retirement from tennis was disclosed last Wednesday when she was listed as such on the International Tennis Integrity Agency’s website. The announcement caught tennis enthusiasts off guard, especially since the 32-year-old had remained silent on the matter and has yet to issue a statement.

    Nevertheless, reports indicate that Giorgi’s abrupt retirement may be linked to legal issues with financial authorities in Italy. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Giorgi has fled to the United States as she is being pursued by Italy’s financial police. She reportedly left Italy accompanied by four family members: her father Sergio, mother Claudio, and brothers Leandro and Amadeus.

    Camila Giorgi Image Credits Twitter
    Camila Giorgi, Image Credits – Twitter

    Additionally, it’s been suggested that Giorgi has ceased communication with the WTA, the Italian Tennis Federation, and fellow players. Compatriot Tathiana Garbin expressed concern, stating, “The last time we spoke was before the Billie Jean King Cup and he did not give me availability to come to Seville with the team due to a foot problem.”

    I hope that she is well, that there are no problems and that she has peacefully left this sport that has given her so much. I’m sorry because I can’t hear you, I’m a bit worried.”

    Giorgi has faced controversy before, as she is scheduled to appear in front of a judge in July regarding an investigation into fake Covid-19 vaccines. Allegations surfaced in 2022 that Giorgi used a falsified Covid-19 passport to gain entry to the Australian Open. Italian doctor Daniela Grillone claimed Giorgi had not received her Covid-19 jab, which would have rendered her ineligible to participate in the tournament. Grillone stated, “I did everything they asked, the Australian government. Each year we are fine with that. Of course. I did all vaccination, yes.”

    It has been nearly two months since Giorgi last played a competitive match, losing to Iga Swiatek in her final outing at the Miami Open in March.

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