WWE India: Probable host city declared for India WWE live event in September

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    Nick Khan, WWE CEO, has declared that WWE will host a live event in India this September. The announcement came during the Moffettnathanson Conference Talk. If the event is a premium live event or a house show is yet to be declared.

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    Possible host city declared for WWE live Event in India in September

    With that declaration, the probable host city for the event has been announced too. 

    Top stars from the sport gas visited India for their promotional tours. The big names include John Cena, Kane, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, Triple H, Braun Strowman and Charlotte Flair and others. They have even hit the country at various events. 

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    India has hosted various events of the biggest sports entertainment in different cities on glorious occasions. One prominent example is the game between Bret Hart and Tatanka for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, which took place in Mumbai, Maharashtra, on February 1996. Another one is the match between Kane and Chris Jericho, which took place in Bengaluru, Karnataka, in November 2022. Again, New Delhi hosted Roman Reigns vs. Big Show in January 2016. 

    However, all the latest WWE events in India have happened in Delhi, including the WWE Live India Supershow that featured a game between Triple H and Jinder Mahal. 

    Considering these, chances are the Stamford-based promotion will be in Delhi for the upcoming live event in September 2023. 

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    Fans will be excited

    WWE is a magnanimous fan base, and it’s phenomenal in India. The announcement will be of great excitement for the Indian WWE fans, and they’ll be looking forward to the final announcement about the host city for the upcoming grand event in a few months. 

    Stay tuned to find out about the host city!

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