FIA ready to make revolutionary changes in F1 Calendar

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    The past few years have been about an incredible increase in F1 popularity. The Netflix-produced documentary series “Drive to Survive” has played a good part in engaging young audiences in this game. Without a doubt, F1 at the moment is one of the most exciting and ruthless motorsports in the globe. 

    The F1 calendars play a crucial part in the huge cheer that’s being created for the sports right now. 

    With every passing year, there have been consistent additions of new tracks to the calendars. Additions of new tracks are the best example to engage new audiences. The finest examples include the two new US circuits in Miami and Las Vegas. The former was inaugurated last season, and the latter is scheduled for November 2023. 

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    Now, with an aim to make the sport more sustainable is strategizing to regionalize the calendar to keep away travel issues longer.

    FIA planning to make revolutionary changes in F1 calendar

    Considering the prima facie unreasonable Austin/Mexico/Brazil triple header, this idea seems to have been decent. In the coming year will expect awesome changes to be incorporated. 

    That includes the format of the game, new induction circuits, the exclusion of some old ones, including a few of the street circuits, and the return of the ones not visited in a while. Amidst everything, there has been extensive criticism of the hectic schedule of F1 as well, making it quite difficult for mechanics and staff to sustain in sport for a longer span. 

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    More through-out season expected for 2024

    Unlike the present season, 2024 will have more throughout race schedules. The probable season openers would be Bahrain, as usual, followed by Saudi Arabian GP or vice versa. Also, the Chinese GP is ready to get back, based on the contractual obligation, most likely back-to-back with Suzuka.

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