Why did Sara Lee die? Know the cause of her death

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    The sports World has seen many unfortunate incidents and deaths that have left the fans shattered. Sara Lee’s sudden death was no exception. 

    The cause behind Sara Lee’s death is finally here. Last October, the WWE Tough Enough season 6’s winner had an unfortunate demise by suicide. It had left the viewers and fans in shock and now the reasons are unveiled behind this sad loss. 

    Sara Lee’s death: real cause revealed

    The Bexar County Medical Investigation Bureau has recently uncovered documents that suggest that the former WWE star, Sara Lee, who passed away aged 30, had consumed a deadly combination of pills and alcohol. The report also indicated that Lee had left notes hinting at her indications. She was found with bruises and abrasions on her body. 

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    Following her death, officials had suspected something natural and that she had been under alcoholic influence. 

    Late Thursday night, WWE expressed their sincere grief over the untimely death of Sara Lee in their Twitter statement. As the previous winner of “Tough Enough,” she had been an amazing inspiration in sports. 

    In 2017, she got married to fellow wrestler Cory Weston, known as Wesley Blake, in the WWE. They had three children together: their daughter Piper, son Brady and a newborn baby boy. 

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    Her WWE stint

    After her victory in the reality competition, Sara Lee joined WWE in 2015. She emerged as the winner of the WWE reality competition series Tough Enough that year. 

    Resultantly, the organization awarded her a one-year contract, and she made her debut in January 2016 at an untelevised NXT event.

    Lee had been training in the rings for many years and got married in December 2017. She had her concluding WWE game alongside Liv Morgan against Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, following which she was released.

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