12 WWE Superstars to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship

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    WWE has revealed that a total of 12 WWE superstars are going to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship. A week before, Triple H announced about the return of this title, and fans have been overjoyed since the return of this old school championship Since the, it has also been a matter of speculation that who will be the champion as well as who will be the competitors in it.

    Triple threat matches will take place on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, and eventually two competitors will come up to compete for the World Heavywieght Championship at WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view event, Night of Champions at Saudi Arabia.

    Respective Contenders from RAW and Smackdown

    Among the 12 contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship, 6 contendors will be from RAW and Smackdown each. This includes Cody Rhodes, Damian Priest, Finn Balor, Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Shinshuke Nakamura, and the Miz from RAW. From Smackdown the names are – Aj Styles, Austin Theory, Bobby Lashley, Edge, Rey Mysterio, and Sheamus.

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    Hearing the names of the contenders from both RAW and Smackdown it seems like the whole processing from competition for the World HeavyWeight Championship in triple threat matches, to eventually winning the title at the Night of Champions, is going to be a banger.

    Who is going to win the World Heavyweight Championship?

    There are several names among the superstars who are speculated to win the title. Some say Edge should win the title who primarily never lost it rather he relinquished it because of his injury. Also, some say Bobby Lashley needs one more title run in WWE along with Rey Mysterio and Sheamus. But the hot favorites in these cases are Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Cody Rhodes and Finn Balor to some extent. Rollins is the face of RAW and fans definitely want to see him as the champion, whereas people also want Cody Rhodes to finish his story. It is to be seen, who becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion.

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