Valheim might still be a few months away from ariving on PlayStation

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    Recently, Valheim made its Xbox Game Pass debut, suggesting that its exclusivity on Microsoft consoles won’t last indefinitely. As of late, the game’s senior developer hasn’t ruled out a potential Valheim PlayStation release, and we now know how long the Xbox exclusivity period for the title must last.

    The Norse-themed sandbox survival game Valheim was first released in 2021 for the PC. Even though it was still in Early Access, the game was a huge success, selling over five million copies and emerging as one of the year’s most significant releases. The combination of challenging survival mechanics, numerous intriguing and diverse biomes, and multiplayer features that allowed people to play with friends while the pandemic was at its worst is part of the game’s appeal.

    As of right now, Valheim is only required to be an Xbox exclusive for six months after its early access launch on Xbox.

    credit: gamespot

    The Game Pass newsletter’s fine print, according to Push Square, who discovered this information, states that Valheim will only be an Xbox exclusive for six months, freeing it from any contractual obligations around September 2023.

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    Initially, it appeared unlikely that Valheim would be made available to PS5 players because Smrs had previously stated on a podcast that the Iron Gate team was only concentrating on Xbox and PC at this time in the game’s development. That does not necessarily imply that a port will never be available, just that it won’t be here any time soon. Even though this isn’t a firm indication that the game will appeal to PlayStation fans, it makes sense to make it for other platforms as well. Valheim is a significant release, and it makes financial sense to make the game available on as many consoles as possible.

    Valheim is available now in early access for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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