Twitter: Elon Musk’s Blue subscription might just be too much for the Indian Market

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    The cost of the Twitter Blue paid subscription, which has begun to roll out in India, is estimated to be 719 per month. Images of the Twitter Blue membership prompts that users in India have begun to share. However, photographs posted by Twitter users show that the cost of Twitter Blue in India is more expensive than it is in the US.

    Musk had previously stated that the price would be modified by country proportionate to purchasing power parity when introducing Twitter blue. Users in India are charged 719 ($8.93), which is more than the $8 that is often charged in other nations.

    credit: economictimes

    When Twitter’s blue check mark is introduced in India, people may not be prepared to pay Rs 719 for it, according to social media experts and brand strategists. They also noted that India is a price-focused market across all segments and is frugal with every dollar spent.

    Indians might not be enthusiastic about the idea of paying money each month to monetize their Twitter accounts, but Business and brand strategy expert Harish Bijoor is the founder of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. According to reports, few people are now seeing these solicitations for Twitter Blue. Musk had earlier on November 6 stated that Twitter Blue is scheduled to launch in India in under a month.

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