Atomic Heart debuts new Screenshots to showcase different aspects of the Game

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    When Atomic Heart launches in February, it will be a Day One Xbox Game Pass title. Mundfish’s developers have unveiled some fresh screenshots that emphasize minor aspects of the game. After some essential delays, Mundfish has polished Atomic Heart for a confident release in 2019. Atomic Heart was initially revealed back in 2018.

    Four distinct settings are seen in the many Atomic Heart pictures Mundfish has posted, three of which are interior scenes and the fourth being an outdoor one. Atomic Heart has now been showcased at significant gaming events like E3 2021, the Xbox and Bethesda showcase 2021, and Gamescom 2022, with each video showing a different component of the game. Atomic Heart will be available on a variety of platforms, but Xbox Game Pass customers will be able to play the Mundfish FPS the day it launches, as was announced during the aforementioned Xbox and Bethesda event.

    The Atomic Heart screenshots provided by Mundfish prominently display two weapons, one of which appears to be a futuristic improvised rifle and the other of which is a relatively conventional pistol. While the damage of this screenshot is a motif repeated across all of them as it was in the previous Atomic Heart boss battle scenario, the outdoor image depicts a man in a worker’s jumpsuit standing in between burning cars in an open space that appears to have been left in ruins. The character looks to be wielding a melee weapon in one of the screenshots that shows the player standing close to what appear to be orange-glow generators, but the image has been cropped to hide the potential spoiler.

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    The three interior scenes depicted in the Atomic Heart screenshots are distinctly different from one another, with the generator image serving as a happy middle.

    It depicts a well-lit stairway with colorful walls, floors, and clutter. Even though several robotic Atomic Heart foes have been revealed in fight footage since the game’s announcement, the robots concealed in two of the photos don’t appear to be in action, and one screenshot depicts a robot getting crushed by a bus.

    The X key is linked to a stackable item in a screenshot, while the Q, V, and E keys are prominently located in the user interface and may allude to keybindings for significant skills or equipment.

    While many players have praised the Atomic Heart clips and screenshots that Mundfish has so far provided, some players have expressed concern about any prospective DLC and the weaponry that has been hinted at in the photographs. Some Atomic Heart fans have asked Mundfish for a sample of the game, but others have just expressed excitement for its February release.

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    Atomic Heart releases on February 21, 2023, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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