Complete List of Top 10 Strongest Dairy Brands in 2024

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    In 2024, there were many strongest Dairy Brands available for consumers. In dairy farming, milk has been produced over a long period of time. The milk is then made into a dairy product for sale. Cow barn farming has been practised in numerous regions of Europe and Africa since the early Neolithic era, or roughly 7,000 B.C. 

    Before the 20th century, you will see there were many small farmers who milked their cows by hand. Inventions like rotary parlours, the milking pipeline, and automatic milking systems were first used by large dairy farms to milk their cows in the early 1900s; however, these systems weren’t widely accessible until the early 1990s. 

    Here are the Top 10 Strongest Dairy Brands in 2024: 

    10. President 

    The story of the President belongs to the family, of the craft of butter and cheese-making, and of a passion transmitted from father to son. The Besnier family put their hearts into making the delectation of cheese and butter accessible to the greatest number, every day. 

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    9. Arla 

    Arla Foods is the fifth-largest dairy company in the world and a cooperative owned by more than 12,500 dairy farmers. Arla combines traditional craftsmanship and world-class technologies to ensure its products remain closer to nature, from farm to fridge. 

    Strongest Dairy Brands

    8. Enfamil 

    Enfamil is mainly an American brand of infant formula that is made by Mead Johnson, a subsidiary of Reckitt. From 1989 through 2011, Mead Johnson used Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit on its U.S. packaging. Enfamil is a product name associated with formulas for babies. 

    7. Yakult 

    Yakult is mainly a Japanese sweetened probiotic milk beverage fermented along with the bacteria strain Lacticaseibacillus casei Shirota.  The company was sold by Yakult Honsha, based in Tokyo. It is distributed through convenience stores and supermarkets in single-serving containers of (depending on the manufacturer) 65 mL (2.3 imp fl oz; 2.2 US fl oz) or 100 mL (3.5 imp fl oz; 3.4 US fl oz), often in single-row packs of five or ten. The name “Yakult” was coined from jahurto, an Esperanto word meaning “yogurt” 

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    6. Danone 

    Danone S.A. is a French multinational food-products corporation based in Paris. It was founded in 1919 in Barcelona, Spain. As of 2018, Danone sold products in 120 markets and had sales 2018 of €24.65 billion. In the first half of 2018, 29% of sales came from specialized nutritional preparations, 19% came from branded bottled water, and 52% came from dairy and plant-based products. 

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    5. Almarai 

    Almarai Company is mainly a Saudi multinational dairy company that is listed on the Tadawul stock exchange. It specializes in food and beverage manufacturing and distribution. 

    4. Mengniu 

    China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited is mainly a Chinese manufacturing and distribution company for dairy products and ice cream. The company is headquartered in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, and manufactures dairy products under the Mengniu brand.  In July 2009, Mengniu sold a 20% stake to a consortium led by the state-owned COFCO Group, China’s largest importer and exporter of food. That sale made the state the largest shareholder. 

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    3. YILI 

    Yili Group is Asia’s most popular and largest dairy company. It has remained in the leading position for eight consecutive years. Yili retained its ranking among the Top 5 global dairy brands in 2021. The company is highly active across all dairy categories, including liquid milk, milk powder, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, and more. In 2024,  the company takes the third position. 

    2. Vinamik 

    Vietnam’s largest food processors and dealers come with a wide variety of dairy products, containing milk and yogurt. It is said to account for about 50% of Vietnam’s dairy market. The company was founded in 1976 and went public on the Hochiminh Stock Exchange in 2006. 

    Amul review

    1. Amul 

    In India, AMUL is definitely one of the well-established presences in the nation’s milk production industry dating back to 1964. They are thought to be India’s largest milk federation. Mr. Sardar Vallabhai Patel founded this company in an effort to do away with the middlemen system, which was steadily lowering the price farmers were paying for milk.  

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