Top 10 Hockey Teams in the world as of 2024 

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    Get A list of Top 10 Hockey Teams in the world

    Hockey is one of the most popular international sports in the world. The rankings of the Hockey teams have been done by the FHI International Hockey Federation all over the globe. In this game, both men’s and women’s hockey teams have provided points after each and every tournament world cup, and Olympics matches.

    The points system has been changed as FHI provides 2 points for each match played whether as a   series or the other matches. These rankings still continue  to evolve after each 

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    Here is the list of the top 10 Hockey Teams in the world- 

    10. Malaysia 

    Malaysia hockey teams have maintained their 10th position with 1666.594 points. Malaysia is also another Asian nation that entered the top rankings. They become runner-up in the Hocket Asia Cup 2017. The team ranked 4th in Hockey World Cup 1975. They ranked 7th in 2017 in the international hockey federation. They are very close to the gold. 

    Top 10 Hockey Teams in the world

    9. New Zealand 

    New Zealand slipped down one step behind to the 9th rank with 1798.247 points. New Zealand become a great nation that getting involved in all types of sports. They have won their hold metal in the Summer Olympics 1976, and now become the first non-Asian team with this. They have conquered bronze in 2010, silver in 2002, and also in the 2018 Summer Olympics. They also have got gold and silver in the champions league and had been runners-up in the 2012-23 world cup. 

    8. Spain 

    Spain’s hockey team has improved and come 8th position from 9th position. Currently, the team ranks 1852.412. Spain is another European country that has ranked in the top 10s. Spain has suffered a long way since the launch of the field hockey team. They had been finished in all world cups since their first edition. The team already won the EuroHockey Nations championship Challenge once. They are ambitious and once the first hockey nations. 

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    7. Argentina 

    South America means the country of sports while it’s the NFL of the other tournaments. South America is known for its sports. The Argentina field hockey team has been holding the 7th position since the start of the year with 2082.439 points. The shocking fact is they are 9th  times gold medalists in Pan American Games, and 3 times with pan American cups. They also got bronze in the championship- trophy in 2008, and gold in Summer Olympics 2016. 

    6. England 

    England is also known for playing overall sports. They have national teams among all of the major sports in the world and make sufficient images. England hockey team has shown their consistency in maintaining the sixth position since the beginning of the year with 2130.244 points. The team becomes the winners in this inaugural edition of the commonwealth games. The team consistently performed in the EuroHockey nation’s championship and conquer golf, silver, and 7 times bronze. 

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    5. India 

    Initially, India was ranked for the 3rd position with points of 2296.04 points, but now they have slipped into 5th position with 2299.622 points. In the 90s, India has been one of the biggest countries in international Hockey history. They have lost their reputation after consecutively losing in big games for years. After getting the Bronze medaling the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, they revived their reputation. 

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    4. Germany 

    At the start of the year. Germany was ranked in 5th position. Now, they have gained an upper position with 2340.058 points. In this world, Germany has the greatest hockey team and has conquered the Hockey World Cup twice. They have got the EuroHockey Nations championship 8 times, 9 times the Hockey Champions Trophy, and also 4 times medal winners in the Summer Olympics. 

    3. The Netherlands 

    The Netherlands has raised from 4th position to the 3rd position, and also rank 2617.290 points. Now, the Netherlands become the third European country that makes it into the top 10 rankings of FIH. The country is mainly known for the successful hockey teams in this world. They have got a record winning 8 times in the Championships trophy and won 3 times the Hocket World Cup and 2 times the summer Olympics. 

    2. Belgium 

    Belgium is recently ranked 2nd postilion with 2742.775 points. After winning the gold-medaling Tokyo Olympics 2020. Belgium has slipped to the second position from their rivals In the Tokyo Olympic finals. Since 1995 they have been able to manage to reach the sixth semi-finals of the EuroHockey Nations championship. In 2007, they were the third, and runners-up in 2013 and 2017 at the EuroHockey Nations championship. 

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    1. Australia 

    Australia recently ranked first in FHL rankings with 2842.258 points. Australia always provides their best performances in the first of hockey. They have currently got the silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. After the Tokyo Olympics, their rank just dropped to 2nd position due to the loss in the finals. They also have been able to manage the 1st rankings and overthrew Belgium to the 2nd position. 

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