Top 10 Best Affordable Electric Scooters in India 

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    Get A List of the Top 10 Best Affordable Electric Scooters in India

    Nowadays Electric Scooters are very popular in the country. As day by day, the supply of natural resources is decreasing and the price of patrols is increasing so definitely it’s better to shift to an electric vehicle as it is eco-friendly.  

    There are also many electric two-wheelers available in the market with great prices that also can be bought by anyone who is also very interested to get an electric vehicle and having such a smooth riding experience while preserving the environment.  

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    Here is the list of Top 10 Electric Scooters in India:  

    10. Kinetic Green Zing HSS 

    Piece: Rs 76,277 

    Undoubtedly, Kinetic is a well-known brand. The e-scooters offer to ride 120 km just on one charge. This is one of the full fastest charges. The full battery just takes one hour. This battery is a highly inconvenient battery that anyone can charge from the detachable battery at home. 

    Top 10 Best Affordable Electric Scooters

    9. Ampere Magnus EX

    Price:  Rs. 77,249  

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    This electric scooter does not need any license and also can be bought by anyone. It is a 250w motor that helps to make sure about 25kmph is the base speed of this vehicle. This bike is not for long journeys.  

    It can cover a range of 60kms once it gets charged completely. It is a super lightweight and compact scooter. It also offers 3 years of warranty.  

    8. Okinawa Okhi 90 

    Price Rs: 1.28 lakh 

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    The latest Okinawa electric scooter is one of the most premium options that contain LED light that will stay in and include the touch of style for the vehicle.



    7. Bounce Infinity E1  

    Price: Rs. 68,999  

    Bounce Infinity E1 is mainly a single charge E1 that can go just a single charge up to 85 km and the top speed is 65kmph. The E-scooter provides three driving modes like Drag, Eco, and Power. The Ebike gets a 2kWh 48V battery pack along with OP 67 rated able to be swapped out and can change at any place.  

    The battery service of a company is mainly a BAAS plane. The plans come with a monthly subscription cost of Rs. 849 and also a swappable battery option that cost Rs. 35 per swap. 

    6. TVS iQube ST 

    Price: Rs. 1.08 Lakh  

    TVS has also entered the market of electric scooters to hold its position as a two-wheeler manufacturing and selling giant in India.  

    It is a big 4.5kW battery that can confirm a range of 75kms after charging completely and offers a guarantee of 78kmph on the vehicle. This scooter is currently available in some parts of India. They assured us it will launch soon across the nation. 

    image 86

    5. Hero Electric Eddy 

    Price: Rs. 72,000 

    Hero’s new generation Eddy has been one of the quirkiest electric scooters. The scooter can reach a peak speed of 23 kmph, it can range the maximum speed of 85 km. 

    4. Ola S1  

    Price: Rs. 99,999  

    It seems that the Indian ride-sharing giants have always been a big part of electric vehicles, and it is gearing up to launch. It will be available in two different models. It can range up to 121 kilometers, while the Ola S1 Pro will cover the range of 135km. The Ola S1 Pro has a top speed of 115 km/h and can do 0 to 40 in only 2 seconds. 

    image 87

    3. Bajaj Chetak EV

    Price: Rs. 1,41,400  

    It is an iconic Indian scooter that was launched in 2019 like an electric one for keeping up with such changes in time. The E–Scooter is charged by a 3kW battery that takes 5 hours and also can give a ride range of 85 to 95 km.  

    It has a 3800 BLDC motor that can help to reach speeds up to 78kmph and it is more sufficient in the Indian streets. It offers three years of battery warranty that will make this classic scooter probable the best option for the e-scooters in India. 

    2. Hero Electric Optima CX (Dual Battery) 

    Price: Rs 77,490 

    Hero’s new Optima CX  is the dual battery scooter. The range is 140 km per charge cycle. This is also a detachable battery that makes things more convenient. The scooter can travel at 45 kph at the peak speed. 

    image 88


    1. Ather 450X Gen 3

    Price: Rs. 1.37 Lakh  

    Ather is an electric scooter that has been developed and manufactured completely in India also on the list ad this scooter is also managed to compete with such of the best contenders on the list.  

    There are also many several riding modes with adjustable attributes that make this scooter with fine choice for Indian roads. It has a super battery 3300W battery helping to produce a huge amount of power that can push the speed limit up to 80kmph with an average of 65kms per full charge. The style of the scooter is very attractive.  

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