Top 10 Best Technologically Advanced Cities in India as of 2024

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    Get A list of the Top 10 Best Technologically Advanced Cities in India

    In India, there are many tech-dominated cities that contain many popular tech cities. In the centre of innovation, all the technical experts who are now one of the most precious attributes of the nations can process and they are the ones who also can incorporate both skill and also knowledge. It has been known that technological skills are most sought after and one area where all the supplies are not can match properly with the demand in many developing economies. 

    Here are the Top 10 Best Technologically Advanced Cities in India– 

    10. Coimbatore 

    Score: 42.7

    In Saravanampatti, Coimbatore is also one of the big tech cities. In Coimbatore, you can find many big techs flaunts, and the latest technologies also take over Coimbatore. 

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    Top 10 Best Technologically Advanced Cities

    9. Lucknow 

    Score: 44.3

    The IT city Lucknow is definitely one of the parts of the mega CG City project envisioned by the government of Uttar Pradesh. There is clean power and a balanced environment. In Lucknow, HCL has opened a big sector for the people. 

    8. Kolkata 

    Score: 47.1 

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    Kolkata is known as the most popular IIM country in India. This city has well-developed infrastructure available at a lower cost. Many major businesses like Cola India, Tata Steel, Emami, Spencer’s Retail, etc. The city has a great environment to offer to the new entities.  Now the software companies like TCS, Infosys, Deloitte, and Capgemini already opened their companies. You can get a fintech company like NRI Fintech. The most popular are KPMG, and PWC.


    7. Nagpur 

    Score: 48.9 

    The companies here have a Multi-Modal International Cargo Hub and Airport Nagpur nearer to them. Hence, it becomes easier for It companies to expand their business here with easy access to infrastructure, warehousing, and logistics.   

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    6. Pune  

    Score: 53 

    The company has easy access to the Mumbai market for its suppliers, customers, distributors, etc which creates a huge forum opportunity. Many technology companies are located in Pune like Infosys, TCS, etc. hence, it is easier to find new talent in Pune compared to any other city. 


    5. Delhi 

    Score: 57.8 

    This also includes the Delhi NCR location. The weather in Delhi is more favourable compared to Mumbai. There is a better infrastructure facility compared to any other city. Academically this city is performing top of the list. Some startups like OYO and Policybazaar are located in Delhi.     

    4. Chennai 

    Score: 58.6 

    Chennai is the collection of the South Indian tech markets for IT companies. This city has around an 80% literacy rate which will offer a great place to find talent. The government there mainly focuses on SEZs and sector parks.   


    3. Mumbai 

    Score: 58.7 

    Mumbai has the access to the capital markets and it is referred to as the financial capital of India. In this city, you can be able to raise funds easily. All major banks have their central offices located in Mumbai. Hence, major financial application processes are easier here. Major startups are also located here like Ola, Pepperfry and etc.     

    2. Hyderabad 

    Score: 58.7 

    In Hyderabad, we can get companies like Google and IBM are present in Hyderabad. There is a very favourable IT culture in Hyderabad. People in Hyderabad are working in the IT sector, Pharma sector, and Biotech sector. Hence, it is suggested to the IT sector companies that if they are expanding or starting their IT business, then this location is favourable. 


    1. Bangalore 

    Score: 66.2 

    In India, Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India because many venture capital giants are located here. Major companies like Vedantu, ZoomCar, Oracle and etc have their home here. It is a great resource to boost It companies.     

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