Real Madrid’s stadium Santiago Bernabeu turns 75 years! Take a look at its massive evolution

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    In the first match at the historic Santiago Bernabéu stadium, the first match was between Real Madrid and Belenenses. The former defeated the latter 3-0. In the match that took place on December 14th, 1947, Barinaba was the first goal scorer. 

    It has been 75 years since then, with the stadium hosting various events, and it has been through a fantastic evolution, which is still in progress.

    The marvelous evolution of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium

    Since 1955, the legendary Santiago Bernabeu has carried the name of the great Real Madrid president to honor and pay tribute to his figure. The present remodeling is on, and Florentino Pérez intends the stadium to be an avant-garde icon with the highest comfort, security, and state-of-the-art technology to leave the fans spellbound with a mouthwatering experience. 

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    Santiago Bernabéu has spent a scintillating 16 seasons with Real Madrid. He’s mainly noted for being a massively successful club president, but his achievements as a Footballer are worth mentioning too. He won nine regional championships and a Spanish Cup.

    Host important events

    The iconic stadium has been the host to some classic international finals like The 1964 Euro Cup Final, the 1982 World Cup Final, 1969, 1980, and 2010 European Club Finals, and the 2018 Copa Libertadores Final played between River Plate and Boca Juniors. Other than these, the stadium has been the host to various cultural, social, and sporting events like concerts or the arrival of the Tour of Spain. 

    The iconic stadium, with the iconic footsteps of legendary figures, has served the audience with sensational pleasure for all these days, and it will continue to serve its audience the same in the upcoming time. 

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    Meanwhile, in the Qatar World Cup, Argentina will meet France in the finals this Sunday.

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