Messi equals the historic World Cup record of Matthaus

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    German player Lothar Matthaus was the player to have played the maximum number of World Cup games until Tuesday. Now, Lionel Messi has crossed him to have played the highest number of games in World Cup history. 

    The German star’s record of 25 games played on the grand stage has stood unparalleled since 1998, but the Argentine legend has set another history.

    Messi passes Matthaus in the most number of the games

    Till the semi-final, Messi equaled the record of Matthaus in playing the record number of World Cup games. But Argentina’s entry to the Qatar World Cup finals has ensured one more game for Messi that, indicating him playing the maximum number of games in World Cup history. 

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    Messi started his World Cup journey in Germany in 2006 with a defeat against the hosts. Playing in his fifth World Cup at present and being to the second finals, he’s hoping to lift the trophy. 

    With five goals and three sensational assists, Messi is having the best of this tournament to date. An amazing show from a legend, passionate about drawing the perfect concluding line to his memorable legacy.

    Most appearances in World Cup

    After Messi, the next names on the list of the highest number of World Cup games are Matthaus (25 games), Miroslav Klose (24), and Paolo Maldini (23). The latter two needed simply four tournaments to reach those numbers. 

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    Matthaus’ appearances were from 1982 to 1998, winning the trophy in 1990. However, he isn’t the player with the maximum number of minutes in the World Cup. That record belongs to Maldini. 

    Argentina is into the finals after defeating Croatia 3-0 in the semis. They’re all set to take on France vs Morocco winner and appear in the finals on Sunday. 

    Stay tuned to Qatar World Cup 2022 to not miss any exciting updates!

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