Amazon Prime Gaming is offering 10 free Games to its Subscribers this Holiday Season

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    Amazon Prime Gaming has announced that it would provide 10 additional free games to Prime members in December. Subscribers should be happy about the news since, in addition to the monthly material offered through Prime Gaming, a fresh wave of free games will be released in time for the holidays. In addition, Prime customers will have access to Prime Video and Twitch advantages.

    Amazon Prime Gaming’s December free games are now available, with eight titles available to Prime members at no additional cost. The list includes Quake, a popular first-person shooter, and the critically praised Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, directed by Josef Fares, who also helmed the award-winning It Takes Two.

    With the latest news, Amazon will raise the end of the year for Prime users even more by providing an additional selection of free games with well-known brands, particularly for older gamers.

    Players will be able to redeem nine SNK games as well as the award-winning Dishonored 2 between December 27 and January 3. Dishonored 2, developed by Arkane Studios, keeps the predecessor’s combination of action and stealth and emphasizes player choices, letting players work their way through enormous, sophisticated environments. The game also offers different gameplay by letting players control the game’s protagonists, Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano, who each have unique powers.

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    • Dishonored 2
    • Metal Slug
    • Metal Slug X
    • Metal Slug 3
    • Real Bout Fatal Fury
    • SNK 40th Anniversary Collection
    • The King of Fighters 2003
    • The Last Blade
    • The Last Blade 2
    • Twinkle Star Sprites

    Metal Slug, Metal Slug X, and Metal Slug 3 are among the SNK games on the list, from the renowned 2D run-and-shoot game series. Real Bout Fatal Fury, The Last Blade, The Last Blade 2, and the competitive shooter Twinkle Star Sprites are all on the list for fighting game aficionados. Another title that will be accessible is The King of Fighters 2003, which marked the franchise debut of Ash Crimson, one of the best characters in the series. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, which includes 24 retro titles from the 1980s, including the Ikari Warriors series, rounds out the list.

    Amazon has been delivering a diverse assortment of free games, including Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and other well-known titles such as Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Fallout 76, Samurai Shodown 2, and Need for Speed Hot. Prime Gaming has also included intriguing indie games as well as classic classics such as the Indiana Jones series. It is a good option for Amazon Prime members to expand their game collection and obtain in-game stuff such as skins. For non-subscribers, the present deal is a terrific incentive to join the service and experience all of the material that Prime Gaming provides every month.

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