The Riftbreaker: Into the Dark, DLC is out!

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    Into the Dark is the latest paid DLC for The Riftbreaker, an action RPG in which players explore exotic worlds. This new expansion introduces a thrilling new story campaign branch situated in the innovative underground Crystal Caverns environment. The underground scenario also includes the one-of-a-kind option for players to create a subterranean Outpost by mining the soft limestone rock and manipulating the environment to their liking.

    The new Riftbreaker DLC includes some new features for gamers to try out. There are new research items, technologies, weaponry, and defensive structures to add to the game’s already enormous arsenal. Players can also learn about a variety of unusual species, vegetation, and other oddities unique to this underground habitat. These elements are intended to force players to rethink their base-building methods to make the best use of the innovative terrain-shaping skills and power-generation processes.

    The Story expansion is completely interwoven with the Main Campaign from the standard version of The Riftbreaker, which is one of the most significant parts of the Into the Dark DLC.

    This allows gamers to pick up where they left off in their adventure. Players who have previously finished The Riftbreaker Story Campaign will have the additional part of the Story unlocked instantaneously, allowing them to explore the new world segment right now.

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    The DLC is accompanied by a free update, World Expansion II, which features a new Survival Mode scenario that makes full use of the new cavern-digging mechanic. Players can now use Mr. Riggs’ drilling arm or explosives to clear the way for expansion. The Riftbreaker’s new update also includes new beast species, research items, technology, weaponry, and defensive towers in addition to the new scenario. With the addition of volumetric lighting, players can expect significant quality-of-life improvements and graphic enhancements.

    More than 70 new research items and technologies are included in the World Expansion II update. It enables players to use Energy Relay Stations to develop their energy grid and drones to acquire resources and important rewards. New weapons and defensive towers have been added, with features such as Bouncing Blades and the Laser Gatling Tower providing potent offensive choices against rivals who threaten player bases.

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