PSVR2 on PC could soon become a reality

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    The PSVR2 is a top-of-the-line virtual reality headset that was designed specifically for the PlayStation 5 gaming platform and was released earlier this year. Making PSVR2 compatible with PC would be one method to reach out to new customers.

    Sony has intensified its efforts in the PC gaming market, although there are currently no signs that this will be done in an official capacity. Unofficial software, such as the iVRy driver for SteamVR, allowed the initial PlayStation VR to be compatible.

    Initially, the creator of that driver didn’t think it would be possible to achieve the same with PSVR2. However, iVRy was able to bypass the hardware authentication in a matter of months, raising the hopes of the VR modding community.

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    Below are the updates provided by iVRy regarding the PSVR2

    Sony’s SVR2 initially hindered VR modes by claiming its inability to support DSC. However, we successfully altered an AMD Open Source Linux GPU driver to enforce DSC, enabling us to activate VR mode on the PSVR2. 

    As a result, we can now develop Windows-compatible hardware that facilitates PSVR2 usage. In response to the question, “Can PSVR2 be used on PC?” the answer is affirmative. While Sony may not actively impede such usage, it necessitates supplementary hardware owing to Sony’s specific design decisions.

    Recently, iVRy shared another encouraging report. According to the modder, PS VR2 for PC is possible, but only with some additional hardware that has yet to be designed and manufactured.

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    Naturally, there is still a lot of work to be done before the VR headgear is suitable for PC use. However, iVRy also stated that he plans to integrate eye tracking in the future.

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