Garena Free Fire News: Unban update and registration for the Advance Server

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    Garena Free Fire: More than fifteen months ago, the Indian government outlawed battle royale games on all platforms. Players are hopeful for the original game’s future because Free Fire MAX has been present since the beginning. In July 2022, the Indian government prohibited access to the game following section 69A of the IT Act due to concerns over data security.

    Following significant discussions and work by all stakeholders, the Government of India has granted KRAFTON authority to oversee BGMI activities with the game developer agreeing to the terms. The Indian government will continue to monitor BGMI for the duration of a further 1.5-month study.

    Players of Free Fire eagerly await the launch of the Advance Server since it will provide them access to the game’s most recent, unpublished features.

    It goes live a few weeks before the update, allowing programmers enough time to arrange the features so that users get the best possible experience.

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    The APK file can be used to install the client, which is only available for the Android operating system. Here are further specifics regarding the Advance Server’s release and the installation process.

    The official schedule for the Advance Server is available on Garena’s website. On July 21, 2023, the server will launch. Additionally, the APK file is made available the same day the server launches. As a result, on July 21, 2023, you may anticipate downloading the Free Fire OB41 Advance Server APK file.

    When it becomes accessible, the APK file will be kept on the official Advance Server file. In addition, regardless of whether they obtained the Activation Code, anyone can access this file. However, it would be preferable for you if you first obtained a code before starting to download.

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    You can use this procedure to obtain the future Free Fire Advance Server APK file when it becomes available from the official website:

    • Step 1: Use this URL to access the Advance Server website.
    • Step 2: A Facebook or Google sign-in popup will appear asking you to access your previously created account.
    • Step 3: The APK download button will appear in the middle of the screen as soon as you log in. Although this option is not currently active, it will be after the aforementioned date. The APK’s size was approximately 800 MB on the previous Advance Servers, and the same is anticipated for the upcoming version.
    • Step 4: After selecting the Install from Unknown Source checkbox, complete the installation.
    • Step 5: Open the game and register as a guest in step five. A dialogue box will then appear and ask you to type the activation code.

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