Nintendo Switch will soon have to include a removable battery following new EU law

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    As the European Union implements new legislation mandating portable devices to have changeable batteries, the Nintendo Switch may be compelled to make substantial adjustments to future hardware releases. According to the new EU law, all new items that have a portable battery, including gaming hardware such as the Nintendo Switch, must have “readily removable and replaceable” batteries. The amended laws, however, will not go into force until 2027, allowing Nintendo time to dodge the move with its Switch successor.

    Fans of handheld video games are well aware that their favorite systems have a finite lifespan. Because batteries do not last forever, consoles such as Nintendo Game Boys, Sega Game Gears, and PlayStation Vitas will become unusable at some point, if they haven’t already.

    Some cartridges from earlier handheld consoles with small batteries will even lose their save files when the battery dies. The EU has passed legislation that, ideally, will give a remedy and prevent this from happening again in the future.

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    Beginning in 2027, the European Union will require that all gadgets with portable batteries allow their owners to remove and replace the batteries. While the laws primarily apply to iPhones, Android handsets, and other mobile devices, they also apply to handheld consoles such as the Nintendo Switch.

    All portable battery-powered devices are included, implying that controllers and powered accessories must also conform. It should also be noted that there is clear language in the law stating that battery replacement must be straightforward for device owners to perform. That implies they can’t require specialized tools (unless they’re free and included) or a specialist to access batteries.

    The laws may have implications for Nintendo’s long-rumored successor to the Switch, according to video game fans. The key question is whether Nintendo will try to comply with the regulation if the Nintendo Switch 2 is released before 2027.

    If Nintendo does not include a replaceable battery in the Nintendo Switch 2, it may cause issues when additional SKUs are released after 2027. However, if Nintendo intends to launch in 2024-2026, there is no need to comply.

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    The Nintendo Switch 2 isn’t the only device that must comply with the EU’s new laws. The Nintendo Switch JoyCons are also independently powered. PlayStation 5 controllers do not presently have changeable batteries. Then there’s the PlayStation Q streaming device, which is expected to be released in 2023.

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