Premier League are planning to dump Sky Sports and BT Sport in future and broadcast games on their own platform

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    Premier League authorities are reportedly planning future options to push away from Sky Sports and BT Sport in a bid to wash away any middleman. Reports state that it’s likely there will be just one more multi-partner contract before the Premier League move ahead with in-house options and handles the broadcasting itself. 

    Premier League authorities are planning to ditch Sky Sports and BT Sport in future and show matches on their own platform

    In case of such a decision, Sky Sports will have a big blow; it has functioned as the primary broadcaster for the league’s football coverage ever since the Comcast-owned television giant joined hands with the league following its inception in 1992. 

    In fact, Sky had an integral part in the English top flight’s success along with other firms like BT Sport and Amazon Prime Sport also broadcasting games in recent years. 

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    It comes at a point when television rights for Premier League are becoming a very tempting commodity, with the current EFL rights doubling in value to more than £200 million. 

    Reports are calling the move a ‘licence to print money for the Premier League’, indicating that the move will provide them with a lot more power over when they’ll be able to show matches and have control over the revenues they generate from those broadcasts. 

    Better deal for fans

    The deal could be a good one for fans visiting the game as the reports suggest that it could cut down the number of antisocial kick-off times set by television broadcasters. 

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    Kevin Miles, Football Supporters Association Chief Executive, said that there’s no way the fans are increasingly getting a feel of the financial strain. 

    “We’re not untouched by the general cost of living crisis, but the more platforms there are, the more subscriptions we have to find. 

    For those fans who want to watch every one of the club’s televised games, the costs are really starting to mount.”

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