PureDark modder working on NVIDIA DLSS 3 Skyrim Mod

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    NVIDIA publicly released its plugin for NVIDIA DLSS 3—or Frame Generation, as it should be called—as part of the most recent Streamline SDK update at GDC 2023. And from previous reports of PureDark’s ongoing DLSS 2 (Super Resolution) Elden Ring mod, we already know about the modder’s ongoing efforts to include Frame Generation.

    The good news is that PureDark has now informed us that Elden Ring’s implementation of DLSS 3 increased the GeForce RTX 4070Ti GPU’s performance by 68.5% (from 70 FPS to 118 FPS). That was before DLSS Super Resolution was even turned on. It should go without saying that there would be more than enough headroom to let GeForce RTX users activate the new ray tracing option at its highest setting without having to worry too much about how it will affect their frame rate.

    The bad news is that, sadly, the image quality is far from ideal; according to PureDark, it appears as though the generated frames were compared to those produced by standard interpolation.

    That is not how DLSS 3 is supposed to appear. PureDark chose to use his area of expertise as a method of fallback when troubleshooting. DLSS 2 (Super Resolution) was successfully incorporated into Bethesda’s Creation Engine for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 if you’ve been following his work and our reports.

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    According to the news from PureDark, DLSS 3 has now been modified into Skyrim, though he is still improving the image quality and details. He might be able to comprehend what went wrong with the Elden Ring implementation if he is successful in making everything appear to be correct in this game.

    Although The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an outdated game today, DLSS Frame Generation might still be helpful for those who want to modify it to make it appear more modern. For instance, YouTuber Digital Dreams frequently posts videos of the game Skyrim with hefty graphics mods and ReShade ray tracing presets that can push the visuals to incredible heights but also force even the powerful GeForce RTX 4090 GPU to run the game at frame rates of less than 100.

    Even though PureDark hasn’t provided any information regarding the DLSS 3 uplift in this game, there is good reason to believe performance will be significantly improved. The real gain from this work, starting with Elden Ring, would be more knowledge for upcoming implementations. If you want PureDark to continue developing these mods, visit him and support him on Patreon.

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