PlayStation 5 gets a new System Update for June 2023

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    Sony has issued a fresh update to its PlayStation 5 console. While many would agree that the PlayStation 5 was released in excellent condition, there is always space for improvement. Sony has recognized this by issuing numerous system updates for the PS5 after its release in 2020.

    The relevance of PlayStation 5 console updates has fluctuated. They have occasionally added significant new features, such as Discord support, the ability to transfer material directly from one PS5 system to another, and improvements in response to fan input.

    The majority of PS5 console update modifications have been well-received by fans, however, others have been more contentious. Sony, for example, upgraded the PlayStation 5 interface to highlight how near gamers were to completing a game, which some interpreted as spoiler territory.

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    The PlayStation 5 console update scheduled for June 2023 is unlikely to cause much controversy or excitement. 

    The PS5 console update 23.01-07.40.00 patch notes are brief, indicating only that it enhances system software performance and stability, as well as the messages and usability on some displays. Needless to say, most PlayStation gamers are unlikely to notice much of a difference after updating their machine to the current version, though the update will almost certainly be welcomed.

    Some long-time PlayStation owners may be concerned whenever Sony releases a new system update. They may recall a couple of years ago when a PS4 system update caused some severe troubles, but console updates are normally nothing to be concerned about. They are usually released without incident, and the current PS5 system upgrade appears to be no exception.


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