MultiVersus brings Lebron James along with Rick and Morty to the Fighting Roster

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    LeBron James, a real-life NBA star, and Rick and Morty from the animated series Rick and Morty are joining the roster of the fighting video game MultiVersus, developed by Warner Bros. Games and released in the same year as Super Smash Bros. (Actually, LeBron and Rick and Morty have previously made appearances in a significant crossover game, including Fortnite.)

    On July 26, when MultiVersus launches its open beta, LeBron James will be playable. You can watch his first trailer to see him in action. LeBron is really performed by John Bentley, who also does the voice of Barrett Wallace in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. If you listen attentively, you might be able to detect this if you’re a basketball fan.

    credit: theverge

    The addition of Rick and Morty will happen somewhere in the first season of the game.

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    The rest of the cast is already stacked with WB icons including Batman, Wonder Woman, Arya Stark, Bugs Bunny, and the Iron Giant. The complete lineup is available here. The PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions of the game will all be free to download and play.

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