Xenoblade Chronicle 3 Trailer is Out Showcasing the Games Story-line and Combat

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    Nintendo released a trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that showcases the game’s overarching storyline, proper-noun-heavy scientific fantasy setting, and a variety of both well-known and brand-new features. The basis of the game is introduced in the trailer. The inhabitants of Aionios have a ten-year lifespan and start training for battle as soon as they are born.

    There is a significant fight going on between the countries of Keves and Agnes. Three troops from Keves and three soldiers from Agnas are the main characters of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. After initially clashing, they run upon an enigmatic man who inspires them to cooperate and locate a famous city.      

    The transition to combat is seamless, just like in earlier games in the series. There are no chance encounters, and you can avoid or combat any foes you come across. Combat arts allow you to support and heal allies as well as cause foes to lose their balance and position themselves for more powerful assaults.

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    Additionally, arts can be used to set up combos that render opponents helpless while you unleash dazzling damage. Any two party members can interlink to form the mech-like warrior known as the Ouroboros. This link opens up a new collection of more potent arts.

    Credit: Xenoblade

    Every character has a class in the traditional RPG style, and each class brings a unique set of skills to the fight. They are divided into three groups: DPS, tank, and healer, or attacker, defence, and healer. To match allies, you can even switch classes. Heroes might also be the seventh member of your group. You can switch out any of the available heroes at any moment. Members of the party can adopt the classes of the heroes they enlist.

    You can find hostile bosses and hidden locations outside. Colonies, or base camps, offer stores and safe havens. You can discover rest areas in colonies and other places to prepare meals, create new skills, and accept requests from locals.On July 29, 2022, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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