PUBG: New State Mobile update brings a new Map for Team Deathmatch

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    PUBG: New State Mobile has received a fresh update, according to Krafton Inc. The update includes the Troi Extreme mode makeover, the MP-155 Ultima shotgun, weapon customization possibilities, Vol. 9 of the Survivor Pass, and a new team deathmatch map called Exhibit Hall.

    The first team to 40 kills on the 4v4 Exhibit Hall map wins the match. A player who dies on the map will not respawn in a specific position, but rather at one of ten different places that are dispersed throughout the map.

    In the new close-quarters map, players can fully employ the MP-155 Ultima shotgun. It’s not just a great weapon to use; you can also add scopes, barrels, and stock attachment slots to it to increase damage and control. With the new modification, players can equip the shotgun with a full-auto trigger to speed up firing, although doing so will increase recoil. On the SKS’s C2 customization slot, you may additionally install an improved suppressor that will increase damage and reduce sound, but it will also increase the gun’s recoil and remove the muzzle attachment. Finally, the AKM grip slot allows gamers to add a grenade launcher.

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    credit: PUBG

    A new Survivor Pass with a Honey Becca motif from the New State faction is also unveiled in the update. There will also be a Troi vacation episode, and after finishing the missions, gamers will be able to get all of Honey’s free face skins and costumes. In addition to receiving more benefits, players who purchase the Premium Pass can also claim the “Choco Vanilla” outfit set.

    Troi Extreme has been altered in response to community comments, and the bluezone’s pace will be accelerated. This will cut down on match times and switch out the current airdrops for multi-drops. The things that players receive when entering the Troi Extreme have also been modified.

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