Mathias Pogba’s recent vows regarding the revelations about his brother and Mbappe creates an uproar in the football community

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    Paul Pogba’s brother Matthias Pogba promises to reveal ‘explosive’ information about the Juventus midfielder and posted a bizarre video on Twitter on Saturday night.

    Mathias Pogba addresses his followers in French, English, Italian, and Spanish in hopes that his message reaches as many people as possible.

    Mathias Pogba claims to be willing to share information about his brother Paul that should be taken into consideration by his fans and critics.

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    “Hello everyone, I am Mathias Pogba, I announce that I will soon make big revelations about my brother and Rafaela Pimenta, his lawyer, his friend, his confidant, and the one we call today the most powerful in football, and the one my brother calls his second mother”, stated Mathias.

    About the Video Posted by Mathias Pogba

    “I am making this video today because I believe that the French, Italian and English people, as well as my brother’s fans and even more so the French national team, Juventus, his teammates, and his sponsors deserve to know certain things in order to make a decision on whether he deserves their admiration, respect, and affection.”

    “If he deserves his place in the French national team and the honor of playing in the World Cup, if he deserves to be a starter at Juventus, and if he is a reliable person, that any player deserves to have him by his side and, finally, if he is worthy of being a representative and role model for the youth of the world, for the working class and the big brands.”

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    Mathias Pogba also made a point of speaking not only about his brother but also about Pimenta and Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe.

    “What you will learn about Rafaela Pimenta, the lawyer of the famous Mino Raiola, will give you an idea of her professionalism, her loyalty, and whether she deserves to take over from Mino Raiola,” added the Guinean footballer.

    “This will let the players of the team and their clients know if she deserves to represent them and look after their interests and future players looking for agents for their future contracts. Will Rafaela Pimienta and her team really care about them and their families and if they are viable options?”

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    “I think what I have to say might interest a lot of people. In addition, I will also tell you things about Kylian Mbappe, the world football star, and there will be elements and many testimonies to confirm my words. All this is likely to be explosive and make a lot of noise.”

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