GOG is selling some prominent games at cheap prices for a limited time

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    A variety of games are currently discounted during’s sale, which is simply known as The GOG Sale. These games include Noita (50% off), Invisible Inc. (75% off), A Plague Tale: Innocence (80% off), and Deus Ex GOTY Edition (86% off, making it a steal at 97 cents). Dex, a sidescroller similar to Flashback, is also available for free from

    Dex was released in 2015 after being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, where developers Dreadlocks Ltd said, “The levels and gameplay are non-linear and feature alternative solutions to each problem and obstacle. In other words, the game injects the poison (a problem, an enemy, an obstacle) and offers various antidotes (skills, abilities, equipment).

    The rest is up to you. In our vision, this is what makes an RPG a true Role Playing Game – the freedom to choose how to do things.” Dreadlocks Ltd also called it “reminiscent of Castlevania or Metroid titles with a smattering of the Deus Ex and Splinter Cell series.”

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    In Harbor Prime, a metropolis that was modelled by settings in Blade Runner and Neuromancer, you can choose to be an assassin, a gunfighter, or a hacker. In order to access equipment that you can overload, turrets that you can deactivate, and data that you can steal, you must switch to an avatar in cyberspace and take on countermeasures and viruses.

    • Disco Elysium – The Final Cut,  65% off.
    • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, 67% off.
    • Crawl, 80% off.
    • Don’t Starve, 75% off.
    • Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, 50% off.
    • Megaquarium, 60% off.
    • Shadow Warrior 2 Deluxe, 90% off.
    • Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition, 80% off.

    You’ve got until 6 am PST, 11 pm AEST, or 1 am UTC on August 29 to claim a free copy of Dex on your GOG account.

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