Lionel Messi has decided to return to Camp Nou but Barcelona must settle the financial issues

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    Barcelona is expected to submit their financial projections to La Liga in the upcoming couple of weeks and the projections will have a contract they plan to offer to Lionel Messi, who has reportedly decided to be back at the club this summer.

    Lionel Messi has decided to be back at Barcelona but the club needs to fix economical issues

    If things go the right way, it’ll be a sensational football homecoming and it depends on the Spanish League who are eager to welcome back the World Cup winner provided his commercial benefit for the tournament. However they have stated on various occasions that changing rules for a single club goes against the rules. 

    Juli Guiu, Barcelona’s vice-president of marketing stated this week that LaLiga president Javier Tebas will be ‘very stupid not to help the club’ re-sign the Argentine star. However, Tebas has been upfront that no favour could be done and Barcelona need to fix their finance issues to be eligible to offer Messi a deal. 

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    The first thing is whether the contract can be permitted, Messi can’t play for free even if he requests which is unlikely. 

    He reportedly is prepared for playing at a deal that pays him four times less of his current price in PSG. But he is ready to do so as his family is interested to move back to their house in Barcelona.

    What will be the new deal?

    Messi will get a two-year deal at 12m euros net a season. The club will need to provide an explanation how they can adjust the new deal in their financial calculation where a present shortfall around 200m euros is restricting new deals for Gavi, Alejandro Balde and Ronald Araujo.

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    The club believes they can ensure another economic lever by selling a percentage of their licensing and merchandising arm.

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