Messi to return to Camp Nou? Speculations rise as he arrives in Barcelona with 15 suitcases along with family

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    Amidst the rising speculations on Lionel Messi’s return to Camp Nou, he’s been spotted in Barcelona with his family. His PSG contract is expiring this June, and it’s still a big question among fans whether he’ll return to Barcelona.

    Lionel Messi spotted with suitcase and family at Camp Nou; fans curious about his return to Barcelona

    Fans are eager to know where their star Lionel Messi will be playing football next season. He seemed to be signing a new contract with the French club; however, the two parties are yet to reach an agreement. 

    Reports suggest Messi will have a tempting offer to join his all-time rival Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia this summer, but chances are there that he will get back to Barcelona. It’s been two years since he left the club, and it’ll be a magnanimous treat for the fans to have him back at Camp Nou. 

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    Reports suggest Messi is spotted in Barcelona this weekend, with his family and 15 suitcases, with Paris Saint Germain not in action again until next Sunday. 

    Barcelona is very interested in signing back their star but needs to fix their ongoing financial issues to make a deal with the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner.

    Joan Laporta is confident about his return

    Barcelona had a recent word with Messi’s father, and his agent George and club president Joan Laporta seem confident that Mess will return to Barcelona, as he disclosed the same to a fan earlier this month. 

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    However, it still feels impossible for the club to bring him back as the club is ready to offer him a deal worth four times less than his previous contract with them. 

    It’ll be interesting to find out what’s next, and if Messi returns to Barcelona, that will be an amazing moment for millions of his fans.

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