Top 5 memorable WWE moments of John Cena

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    WWE Legend John Cena turned 46, and it seems like time flies at a rapid speed. The childhood hero of millions has almost come to the last phase of his career and has left behind a remarkable career to relish. John Cena has given so much to the business, and here are some of the memorable moments that he has come through in his legendary career in WWE.

    Winning the WWE Championship for the first time

    Winning the WWE title for the first time is the dream of several WWE superstars, and arguably, it is the most memorable moment in John Cena’s career. What makes it more special is that he won it at the grandest stage of them all, i.e., at Wrestlemania on its 21st anniversary, by defeating JBL.

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    Beating the Rock at Wrestlemania

    Another great moment of his career was beating the legendary Rock at Wrestlemania 29 for the WWE championship. It was the second part of the once-in-a-lifetime match, where Cena defeated the people’s champ and brought an end to an iconic rivalry.

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    Making a surprise return at Royal Rumble 2008

    Another legendary moment in John Cena’s career was his return at the 2008 Royal Rumble. Before that, he got sidelined to injury, and this surprise return came outta nowhere. Eventually, he ended up being the winner of the Rumble.

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    Defeated Brock Lesner in his return

    A Cena win that will be marked in the hearts of wrestling fans forever is his victory over Lesner at Extreme Rules. Cena squared off with the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesner, upon his return at the WWE Extreme Rules and defeated him in a bloody fight.

    Equalling Ric Flair

    The greatest moment in his career according to several legends is when John Cena defeated Aj Styles at Royal Rumble to become the World Champion for the 16th time, equalling the legendary Ric Flair for the most number of World Championships.

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