Homeworld 3 gets delayed to 2024

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    Homeworld 3, an upcoming real-time strategy game set in space, has been significantly postponed and will no longer be available in the first half of 2023. Due to the Homeworld 3 delay, lifelong followers of the franchise will now have to wait almost twenty years for the next numbered installment.

    The game is currently being developed, according to announcements made by Gearbox Software and Blackbird Interactive following the successful release of the predecessor Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. The developers would share the first gameplay premiere for Homeworld 3 at The Game Awards in 2021 after several years of active development.

    The game was originally scheduled for release in Q4 2022, but Blackbird Interactive decided to delay it until the first half of 2023 in order to foster a positive work climate and prevent crunch. By the end of spring 2023, enthusiastic players also won’t be able to play the game.

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    The release date of Homeworld 3 has been moved from 2023 to February 2024, according to the official Homeworld Twitter account.

    Homeworld 3
    credit: ign

    Delivering a fantastic sequel that lives up to the heritage and standards set by its predecessors is Blackbird Interactive’s ambition for Homeworld 3. Blackbird Interactive claims that while the development team is making progress towards realising its goals for Homeworld 3, more work is still required to polish and improve the game.

    The response to the Homeworld 3 delay has been divided, with some users supporting Blackbird Interactive and others expressing scepticism or the hope that the game is not having production issues. A major development update is scheduled for summer 2023, according to Blackbird Interactive, which responded to a concerned user’s request for a fresh gameplay video or demo. This specific progress report for Homeworld 3 will be the most extensive yet, and Blackbird Interactive is eager to reveal what the development team is up to.

    The Homeworld 3 delay is essential for the user experience since it will give Blackbird Interactive more time to fix bugs and technical problems that might be hurting internal builds. Some fans may be losing patience after waiting for the third installment of Blackbird Interactive’s new RTS game for several years, as this is the second delay in a row.

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    Homeworld 3 launches in February 2024 for PC.

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