Halo Infinite Season 3 Update is here with some fan favourite features

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    After a ten-month-long second season for Halo Infinite, fans have been anticipating the game’s biggest update yet in Season 3: Echoes Within. Season 3 adds a plethora of new maps and modes, as well as a new weapon and equipment, as well as a few unexpected changes. Season 3 may just be a new beginning for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, with developer 343 Industries hoping to achieve seasonality with this update.

    Expectations were high heading into the game’s third season, as leaks and rumours about Halo Infinite’s future updates began early and sparked intense debate within the community. As time passed and official information became available, fans were intrigued but sceptical of the announced content. Much of the scepticism has faded now that fans have had a chance to see the new season for themselves, as the breadth and quality of the content has mostly exceeded expectations.

    As many gamers are aware, Halo Infinite had a difficult development due to a dated engine and an over-reliance on contract workers.

    At launch, Halo Infinite suffered from a severe lack of content, missing features, and inadequate progression and customization systems. Players thought the fundamental gameplay was solid, so as long as 343 Industries could resolve all or most of the issues surrounding the core gameplay, everything would be fine.

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    Halo Infinite
    credit: wccftech

    343 Industries has continued to update Halo Infinite since its release in November 2021, adding Forge, online campaign co-op, and even a Custom Games Browser. Though most players felt these should have been in the game from the start, it’s still nice to see continued support for a game that many dismissed as dead within the first month. Forge in Halo Infinite is the most robust version of the feature yet, and with many rumoured improvements on the way, it could become a literal game-changer as time goes on.

    343 Industries has demonstrated its commitment to Forge and its creators by providing featured playlists such as the Community Collection, which allows players to play Forge maps in Matchmaking. With the Halo community being such an important part of the franchise’s success, additional support from the developer could entice many fans to return to the game. While Season 3 is a step forward in terms of content, it’s unclear how many fan-favorite social features will make their way into Halo Infinite.

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