FIFA 22 will release on Stadia and other platforms

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    One of the biggest problems that Google Stadia continues to face is the release of new versions. Many games have not confirmed the release of the platform in advance, or even delayed the release. However, EA’s FIFA series is different, because FIFA 22 has just received confirmation for release on Google Stadia.

    EA officially announces that FIFA 22

    EA has just officially announced that FIFA 22 will launch on all platforms including Stadia on October 1, 2021. Compared with last year, this is a considerable improvement. Last year, FIFA 21 was not launched until a few months after other platforms.

    The game will debut on PCs, consoles and Stadia as the only approved cloud gaming option. Although EA Play is built into Xbox Game Pass, the games provided can only be played when you have a console or PC, not through the cloud.

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    FIFA 22 promotes “HyperMotion” as its most important new feature. The technology aims to achieve “advanced 11v11 game capture and proprietary machine learning technology to provide the most realistic, fluid and responsive soccer experience.”

    HyperMotion technology achieves the first motion capture of 22 high intensity professional soccer players Integration. Additionally, EA’s proprietary machine learning algorithm learns from over 8.7 million frames of advanced game capture and then writes new animations in real time to create organic soccer in various interactions on the court. Whether shooting, passing or passing, HyperMotion changes the way players move on and off the ball.

    It is also worth noting that EA will combine Stadia with PS5 and Xbox Series X and other next-generation game consoles into FIFA 22. However, it is not yet clear whether this will have any significant impact on the visual effects of the game. Hope the story is as exciting as last time.

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    You can now book the next FIFA series on Google Stadia. The game is available in the “Standard Edition” for $59.99 or the “Ultimate Edition” for $99.99, the latter with “limited time rewards”, including “non-transferable FUT hero player items” and four days of early access games. However, reservations are available before August 11, 2021 to receive additional content. As mentioned above, the game will launch on October 1.

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