Qualcomm to mentor 12 Indian tech startups

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    Qualcomm announced the 12 finalists

    Chip manufacturer Qualcomm announced the 12 finalists of its “2021 Indian Design Challenge” on Monday. Moreover, each of them will receive ₹320,000 and a series of other benefits. With the help of Qualcomm’s global sales and commercial team, startups will receive guidance and visits. These visits include trips to Qualcomm’s innovation laboratory, patent application awards and business development opportunities.

    In March 2022, the kick-off meeting of the jury will select a winner and a runner-up and third runner-up. They will receive 6.5 million rupees, 5 million rupees and 3.5 million rupees respectively.

    Qualcomm Design India Challenge aims to encourage start-ups to come up with ideas that can place India on global innovation maps. Moreover, in the process learn to protect their innovations through patents.
    The 6th Qualcomm Design in India Challenge was held in cooperation with NASSCOM, Startup India and AGNIi, and received nearly 160 applications from all walks of life.

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    The finalists come from multiple fields, including intelligent robots, intelligent infrastructure, manufacturing, agricultural space technology, and medical technology.

    Indian startups have the ability to innovate, not only to provide solutions for India, but also for the world. However, the company sees the great prospects of the Indian startup ecosystem, and will continue to nurture it through our plans.

    For a complete utility model patent application, each start-up company will receive a refund of 160,000 rupees. Lastly, 12 shortlisted startups will receive an initial grant of Rs 160,000 at the beginning of the incubation period.

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    After a mid-term review, that is, about five months after incubation, startups that meet the review requirements will be eligible for an additional grant of Rs 160,000.

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