Leader of the Fallout London Mod team Receives job offers from Bethesda

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    If you’re unaware, Fallout London is a big Fallout 4 mod that will be available in 2023. This ambitious fan project, which takes place in the game’s titular city, aims to provide an experience similar to whatever downloadable extras Bethesda might offer. The group sent a wide notice on Twitter and Discord that was largely concerned with these employment offers. 

    Johnson accepted the associate-level designer position at Bethesda that was offered to him. According to the release, the project will not be significantly impacted by the new role. “Fortunately for us, we have known about this transfer for a while,” the notice reads. “Therefore, Ropiequet [Johnson’s discord handle] has helped consolidate his knowledge into invaluable design documentation so the rest of the team may work in his stead effortlessly.” wishes Johnson well, stating “he will be missed,” and expressing pleasure for the job he will accomplish with Bethesda as it comes to a close.

    Carter turned down a job offer from Bethesda UK to work on Fallout 76 in favor of finishing Fallout London. It was further explained in the release that it “isn’t simple to turn down your life dream to go back to working on a project for free… We should all be grateful for his generosity and commitment to the team!

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    The modding community is well-known for Bethesda games. Every Fallout game Bethesda has created or had a role in has strong community support for modding. Not only is Fallout London a mod of this type—a narrative-heavy, DLC-like addition—but it is also one of the most ambitious and impressive.

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