Top 10 Busiest Ports in the World in 2022

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    The marine regions enhanced hugely in the last few decades, and it necessitates ports and harbors that facing to accommodate, and also increase such requirements. The shipping authorities in every nation also focus on confirming that their shopping ports just adequate to cater to the needs of the industry operators. 

    To know the busiest port in Asia is very interesting. The geographical position also comes as an advantage for several ports in the Middle-eastern 

    Here is the list of the top 10 busiest Ports in the world: 

    10. Port Klang, Malaysia 

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    This port is one of the largest seas ports in Malaysia. Klang Port has located on the western coast of the Selangor region. In the year 2020, only this port handled more than 13.24 million TEUs 2020. The port comprises more than 53 operational berths having 24 containers handling the facilities. Among the berths 11 berths for heavy cargo, 9 berths for handling liquid bulk, and 7 for dry cargo. The annual handling capacity is about 8.5 million TEUs. 


    9. Port of Tianjin, China 

    Tianjin port is one of the major ports with a crucial logistic and shipping center from North China. The port is located on the western coast of Bohay Bay, it also serves as Beijing’s maritime gateway. The port is Chian’s biggest artificial port and also the ninth busiest in the world. The port handled 18.35 million TEUs in 2020 and has trade connections with 600 ports along 190 nations with 120 container lines. 

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    8. Port of Hong Kong 

     The Hong Kong port is situated very near of Kowloon Peninsula and is also one of the important maritime trading hubs in Southeast Asia. The port can handle 20.07 million TEUs. The new reports confirm about 90% of Hong Kong’s total cargo is handled at Hong Kong port. The port includes 24 berths having a total length of 7694m, and spanning 279 hectares. The annual handling capacity of the port is 450,000 vessels. 

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    7. Port of Qingdao, China 

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    Qingdao Port is situated in the Shandong Province in China. The Qingdao Port already handled more than 22 million TEU. The port has four major parts namely Qianwan, Fangang, Huangdao, and Domgjiakou region. There are 18 operational berths that dedicate the cargos just like grains, steel products, aluminum oxide, and also the other conventional cargo. This port is mainly an oil terminal that handles 11 oil ports. 

    6. Port of Busan 

    South Korea’s port is owned by the government. Busan Port is mainly situated at the tip of the Korean peninsula. The port is mainly split into two parts wherein international trade and commerce are also executed in the eastern port region and fisheries are the main activity in the western port area. The port handled 21.82 million TEU overall. The Busan port holds a four-port area, and 6 container handling facilities. 

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    5. Port of Guangzhou, China 

    Guangzhou Port is mainly one of the important ports in China. This Chinees port maritime has trade connections with more than 300 ports in over 100 countries. The port already handled 323.29 million TEUs. Guanzhou serves as the crucial transportation hub for the industries of the region in a place like Guanxi, Sichuan, and Hubei. Nansha Port is the port of Guangzhou that contains 20 berths and over 60 specialized cranes. 

    4. Shenzhen Port 

    Shenzhen port also comprises many ports and extends the Shenzhen shoreline. The port is already divided into two main eastern and western port areas. The port handled 265.54 million TEUs and is also mag it one of the busiest ports across the globe. The port contains 140 docks, handling diverse cargo, and container vessels that various sizes. The shops are weighing over 20,000 DWT and got 19 facilities for handling the container. There are 18 passenger berths.

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    3. Port of Ningbo, China 

    The Ningbo Port just located on the coast of the East China Sea in the province of Zhijing near Hangzhou bay. This is the third busiest port connected with 600 ports in the country. The port already  

    It has handled more than 28.72 million TEUs in 2020. The port can handle major cargo containing bulk, breakbulk, crude oil, product oil, liquid chemicals, grains, coal, and machinery. 19 port regions have more than 300 functional berths and are capable of accommodating vessels that weigh 50,000 DWT. 

    2. Singapore Port 

    The Singapore Port is mainly the collective identification of all porting terminuses that encompassed the port. The port already handles 30.9 million Twenty-Feet Equivalent Units that can be handled by the port. The port contains 84 berths spread along 6 major port terminals. The port already handled 37.5 million TEUs. The port already got 130,000 vessels. The port handles efficiently diverse bulk, breakbulk, and liquid, and just packed the cargo.

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    1. Shanghai Port 

    The Shanghai Port is located in China, in the city named Shanghai. The port also took over from its Singaporean counterpart. The port already handled 37.1 million TEUs of cargo volume. The port has such a viable maritime channel for the River Yangtze and the east China sea. The port already handled 43.5 million TEUs before. The port contains 125 wherever and 19 terminal facilities. This port is also capable of accommodating the world’s biggest ships and carriers. 

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