Huge wages for England players if they emerge as 2022 World Cup Champions: How much will they earn?

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    There’s no less payday for England players to go to the 2022 Qatar World Cup and bring the second title for the nation, ever since the first one in 1966. If they’re crowned in Qatar, the wage is going to be huge for them.

    Adding to the winner’s medals and Champions’ cup, Englishmen will get up to €500,000 each, if they’re winning the title. This is a massive upgrade from the 2018 World Cup in Russia when England was in the semis and each player got up to $255,000.

    Up to &15.4 million incentives for England players if they win

    The total incentives stand at €13 million after the FA more than doubled the 2018 World Cup player bonus bucket. Last month it came out that Gareth Southgate will get a whopping €3 million bonus if he can take the team to win the title, following Alf Ramsey’s path. This will come on top of the ex-Middlesbrough coach’s €3 million salaries. 

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    The great increase in bonuses gets England nearer to their international opposition, who offered greater win bonuses than the Three Lions in 2018. 

    England’s prize bank is the same as that of Belgium and Germany, while Brazil comes with the highest monetary inclination.

    Three Lions sponsors

    The bonus is aided with help by the massive €30 million a year sponsorship contract with Nike. 

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    England had their first game on Monday with Iran, where they defeated the latter in a fantastic display of 6-2.

    Who are favorites as per experts in the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

    Experts are suggesting Brazil, France, and Argentina as the favorites of the tournament. As per bookmakers, Spain has the fourth-best odds. Following it are England, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium, respectively.

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