Iran players refused to sing their national anthem during the World Cup

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    Monday, the Khalifa International Stadium hosted the match between England and Iran, where the former sealed a 6-2 victory. As a gesture of the World Cup events, the national anthem of both teams is played at the beginning of the game. 

    God Save the King was played and the English players sang it as passionately and as loud as they could. When the Iranian national anthem was tuned in, none of the players sang it, in reply to the situation back in their country.

    Why did Iranian players refuse to sing their national anthem?

    The fans in the stands decided to boo the anthem. Why so? The repression of women in the country which has been going on for decades has reached its peak in recent times. The Qatar World Cup has put on the table the violation of human rights in some countries and the Carlos Queiroz-coached national team took up this opportunity to give a clear message.

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    Messages in the stands

    In the stands of the stadium, there were some Iranian fans with messages directed toward their country’s women. There were various posters and t-shirts: Women. Life. Freedom.

    The protests are against the Iranian regime concerning the murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. She was arrested and mistreated by a section of police in September, for not adhering to the country’s dress code rules and not wearing her hijab properly. 

    Please tell our story.” Most of the placards read in the Khalifa International Stadium, during the second match of the World Cup.

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    Eyes on Sardar Amoun

    There were many eyes on Bayer Leverkusen striker Sardar Azmoun. He was a substitute yesterday and hasn’t played due to injury since late September. He had given various messages on social media supporting the revolution, which almost cost him his place on the national side.

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