Emma Watson Pens Down Appreciation Post for India’s Chipko Movement, Thanks it For Protecting Trees and Forests

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    Harry Potter fame Emma Watson pens down an appreciation post on his Instagram on Friday, after sharing a picture of India’s Chipko movement. She is popular for her big achievements in films and acting, and has always been an ardent environment lover. The photo she shared on her Instagram account, displays women clinging to a tree. Emma put thanks on the caption for protecting the forests and trees.

    Emma Watson Pens Down Appreciation

    The popular actress further added in her caption that the women portrayed in the picture were present in the Chipko movement, a nonviolent social and ecological event by rural villagers, specifically women, in India during the 1970s. The picture signifies the women protecting the trees from government interference. The caption continued, stating the meaning of the Hindi word Chipko as “hug” or “cling to”.

    The same is reflected in the demonstrator’s primary technique of embracing the tree and protecting it from timmers. Several Indian audiences thanked the actress for emphasizing this special moment. It came as a result of a protest against the cutting down of trees for making way to road highways, one of the users commented.

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    The Chipko movement was an Indian event of forest conservation, having its origin in 1973 in the Himalayan Region, Uttrakhand. Since then, the Chipko Movement has been significant to global environmental activists.

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