Crisis of Barcelona and its key figures

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    Barcelona FC has been facing a crisis in their club for a long time, and their elimination from the Champions League’s group stage has been an extra addition to that. After facing a defeat against Bayern Munich in the UCL, it showed everyone that how the Catalans are competing with the other European clubs.

    Also, it highlighted various individuals who directly or indirectly are responsible for the crisis of Barca, with their actions. Check out the names top 5 individuals in the sections below.

    Gerard Pique

    The 34-year-old defender has stepped up as the main leader of the team, however, the performance from the experienced player isn’t up to the mark. Comparing his performance in his previous seasons for Barcelona FC, he isn’t that reliable which is also a factor behind Barcelona not being able to defend goals.

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    Memphis Depay

    Memphis Depay is the highest goal scorer for Barcelona this season, despite the fact he is a reason behind the crisis of Barcelona. The Dutchman has failed to create a significant impact in the big matches and has been entering a vicious circle in the beginning.

    Ousmane Dembele

    Ousmane Dembele has tried to deliver his best, and the Frenchman hasn’t been missing out for his team when needed. However, the 24-year-old hasn’t been able to perform efficiently and play a decisive role for Barca in the present campaign.


    Legendary Xavi Hernandez came as Barca’s coach this November, though he was not able to light up the club’s darkness to a great extent. He replaced Ronald Koeman, the former Barcelona manager, but has not been seen actively contributing to the club’s crisis.

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    Joan Laporta

    Lastly, Barcelona president, Joan Laporta is also responsible for the crisis of Barcelona. He promised to better the club’s position, but couldn’t fulfil the expectations.

    With all these reasons and low time for Barcelona, fans are getting extremely frustrated and hoping the sun to shine in their club soon.

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