Here is the list of Top 10 YouTube channels with maximum subscribers in the world

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    It is true that we all love to watch content on various YouTube channels. Now YouTube is the platform for many people to earn and learn. There are also many popular YouTube channels that have been associated with many different companies that share news, entertainment, music & also other types of content.

    Here is the  list of Top 10 YouTube channels:

    YouTube Stars Vlad & Niki Sign With Underscore Talent To Expand Preschool  Franchise – Deadline

    10. Vlad and Niki

    Subscribers: 73.6 Million

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    This is mainly a global preschool channel that has been contained the videos like educating children, imparting information, and also entertaining. The videos are mainly the music, action, and animation for making the comedy produces that has set in the preschool’s backgrounds.

    9.5-minute craft

    Subscribers: 74.1 Million

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    It is also one of the most popular YouTube channels that has got more life and also supports for making cool experiments and also funny videos. It has learned the viewers to create amazing and unique ways for handling things, experiments to amaze themselves.

    YouTube's Like Nastya, 7, Launches Toy Line and NFT Collection |

    8. Like Nastya

    Subscribers: 77.6 Million

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    This channel is also based on children learning, parenting, and also growing along with entertaining ways. The audiences of this platform can explore nature, color, shapes, animals, and more like healthy eating, hygiene, good friends, and many more.

    7. Zee music company

    Subscribers: 78.3 Million

    It is a  very popular entertainment channel in India. This channel is the largest producer and also the aggregator of Hindi language programming in the world with an online collection of 222,000 hours of television.

    WWE's YouTube Channel Hits Milestone, Top 10 SmackDown Moments

    6. WWE

    Subscribers: 82.8 Million

    This channel is based on the World Wrestling Entertainment YouTube channel and it is based on the most loved content producers. There are also most of the wrestling and sports from WWE originals and exclusively. It is also contained with WWE superstars, and there are many shows like RAW, SmackDown, and other originals that entertain audiences.

    5. Kids Diana Show

    Subscribers: 84.9 Million

    This channel mainly revolves around children and parents who are looking for such relevant and entertaining ways for connecting with all the basic learnings like unboxing, vlogs, gaming videos, water toys, games, entertainment, and travel videos that are filled with a lot of lessons.

    YouTube 'working to fix' PewDiePie so-called shadowban channel issues -  Polygon

    4. Pewdiepie

    Subscribers: 110 Million

    The original name is Felix Arvid Kjellberg who is a Swedish YouTuber. The channel is filled with comedy, satire, and also commentary. He is one of the most popular online faces with extensive coverage by media and also the other digital platforms.

    50 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Globally | Breaking Records - Viebly

    3. SET India

    Subscribers: 118 Million

    This Sony Entertainment Television channel is one of the popular Hindi  General entertainment places for everyone. It is that one of the dynamic channels that have been catered with the maximum viewer demands with the content from such of the wide spectrum of thriller, drama, comedy, and also event shows, games to dancing show programs.

    2. Coco melon

    Subscribers: 120 Million

    This channel is also based on families and children with 3D animated videos having the popular poems and rhymes for children along with such of the originals. It is helpful for children to learn writing letters, numbers, sounds, colours, and also such of the other basic knowledge.

    World Record: T-Series becomes world's first YouTube channel to cross 200  million subscribers

    1. T-Series

    Subscribers: 196 Million

    It is one of India’s largest music labels and studios that has produced diverse music filled with several languages and styles. It is mainly dedicated to Bollywood music. It has crossed the set subscription standards recently.

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