Diablo 4: How long does it take to beat the Game?

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    The time it takes to complete Diablo 4 is expected to be significantly longer than that of its predecessor, with the total playtime closer to that of Diablo 2. There are many reviews available online that show you how long it took many layers to complete the game, after extensive assessment from our end, we have concrete confirmation from the developers as to how long it will take them. Without further ado, here’s how long Diablo 4 is and how much time the RPG game will take you to achieve the Diablo 4 endgame.

    Diablo 4’s campaign will take around 35 hours to complete, while a completionist run will take around 150 hours. Both game director Joe Shely and associate game director Joseph Piepiora validated these figures.

    Piepiora went on to say that the completionist playtime is intended for the ordinary player who wants to reach the Diablo 4 level maximum and discover everything the ARPG has to offer. It takes time to clear Sanctuary’s arduous Strongholds and fight the most powerful Diablo 4 global bosses. However, we know that Diablo IV’s story will span numerous seasons, so we expect these figures to skyrocket throughout the game’s lifespan.

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    It’s important to remember that this is the time it takes to overcome the Diablo IV map single; however, clearing the Diablo IV map with a few pals in tow will take less time.

    Diablo 4 campaign acts and quests

    Prologue: Wandering

    • Dusk on the Mountain
    • Darkness Within
    • A Hero’s Return
    • A Hero’s Reward
    • Prayers for Salvation
    • In Search of Answers
    • Rite of Passage
    • Missing Pieces

    Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith

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    • Ill Tidings
    • Tarnished Luster
    • The Knight and the Magpie
    • Undertaking
    • Below
    • In Her Wake
    • Storming the Gates
    • The Cost of Knowledge
    • Branch 1: Light’s Guidance
    • Kor Valar
      • Pilgrimage
      • Light’s Judgment
      • Light’s Protection
    • Branch 2 and conclusion: Wayward
    • Shroud of the Horadrim
      • Fledgling Scholar
      • Crossing Over
      • Descent
      • Light’s Resolve

    Act 2: The Knife Twists Again

    • Intro: An Unforeseen Visit
    • Dark Omens
    • Branch 1: Encroaching Shadows
    • Exhuming the Forgotten
      • Harrowed Lament
      • Apex of Misery
    • Branch 2: Feral Nature
    • The Path of Rage
      • Fangs of Corruption
    • Conclusion: Buried Secrets
    • In Ruins
      • Entombed Legacy
      • Shadow Over Cerrigar
      • As the World Burns

    Act 3: The Making of Monsters

    • Intro: The Spreading Darkness
    • Branch 1: Whittling Sanity
      • Branch 2: Suffering Disquiet
    • A Moment to Collect
    • Brought Low
    • The City of Blood and Dust
    • Small Blessings
    • Whispers From the Past
    • Through the Dark Glass
    • Descent Into Flame
    • Loose Threads
    • Oasis of Memories
    • Flesh From Bone
    • Piercing the Veil

    Act 4: A Gathering Storm

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    • Prying the Eye
    • A Master’s Touch
    • Lost Arts
    • A Meeting of the Minds
    • [Redacted] – Explained in the spoilers section
    • Eye of the Storm

    Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold

    • Intro: The Path Divided
    • Branch 1: Secrets of the Zakarum
    • Entombed Hatred
      • Swamp Hospitality
      • Witch of the Wastes
      • Encumbered Mind
      • The Cage of Grief
    • Branch 2: Tainted Flesh
    • Wrack & Ruin
      • Cold Blood
      • The Serpentine Path
      • Dirge of the Mire
      • The Slow, Beating Heart
      • A Cold and Lifeless Shore
      • Picking Through the Bones
      • Beneath the Wine-Dark Sea
      • Fragments of Mortality
    • Conclusion: On the Precipice
    • Knee-Deep in Filth
      • A Chorus of Voices

    Act 6: Dance of the Makers

    • Evil Stirs in [Redacted]
    • The Jewel of the East
    • The Scouring of [Redacted]
    • The Walls Shake
    • Turning the Tide
    • Essence of [Redacted]
    • In Desolation’s Wake
    • Light Extinguished
    • The Blind Eye
    • What Lies Ahead

    Epilogue: From the Wound Spilled

    • Promises
    • A Heavy Burden


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